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As a Kwant AI Product Manager, you will have the opportunity to own product areas that have a major impact on our business and the global construction industry.
New York, USA
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As a Kwant AI Product Manager, you will have the opportunity to own product areas that have a major impact on our business and the global construction industry. You will have the space to apply your existing skills while learning and developing new ones to build industry-leading products. You may oversee projects related to internet of things (IoT), data visualization, 3D modeling, construction issue resolution, large-scale user management, hardware integrations, localization, global expansion, and new product lines just to name a few.

In your first three months we expect you to lead a project from discovery through a GA release. To do this you’ll work closely with the product team, design, engineering, QA, and our GTM teams. You should feel comfortable interviewing customers, identifying needs and solutions, prioritizing the best option, and working with design, engineering and other teams to bring the solution to life.

The company is backed by a strong syndicate of other VCs and will be introduced to many VCs to line up VC meetings and the company is expected to complete a number of additional VC fundraising rounds in the coming years leading up to an IPO or M&A exit.

You have opportunity to:

  1. Join a fast-growing startup with product-market fit, healthy revenue growth, and consistently renewing customers
  2. Understand the customer: Do your own research and your own interviews so that you can challenge existing assumptions. Work with sales, design, marketing, and the founders to deeply understand user pain points and opportunities for us to bring value -- value large enough that the customer is willing to pay for it.
  3. Make product decisions: Quickly develop product concepts, evaluate them analytically and holistically, and aggressively discard good-but-not-great ideas.
  4. Drive product development: It’s your job to know at all times what’s next on the backlog, and where you, design, and engineering need to focus next. This includes all stages of the product life cycle, from ideation to a one-pager, development, beta, general availability and beyond.
  5. Drive go-to-market: Define goals and strategies for bringing your product to market and hold your team accountable to the goals. Work with sales and marketing to develop value proposition statements, training, and more at the very outset to ensure successful launch and growth.
  6. Be a great collaborator: Work across the organization to get information, solicit feedback, and get things done.

*What you will be doing : *

  1. Collect and analyze feedback from customers, stakeholders, and other teams to shape requirements, features, and end products
  2. Own and execute on the product strategy that drives new ARR growth from Project Management
  3. Research and develop opportunities using data as an input for building hypotheses
  4. Drive collaboration across Product, Technology, and Revenue organizations to delight our customers with innovative, unparalleled solutions that grow their businesses
  5. Work closely with construction professionals from the field to the C-suite to identify opportunities that enhance their experience
  6. Leverage input to guide the evolution of the Procore Platform for General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, and Owner
  7. Work with Product Marketing to drive roadmap communication
  8. Coach and mentor peer product managers


  1. 5+ years in the manufacturing or construction industries
  2. Software development experience in any language along with experience developing cloud-based applications and services;
  3. Strong SaaS experience 4.

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