Data Driven Construction

Gain unprecedented increases in productivity & safety, using predictive analytics & sensors that can be installed in minutes



Accurately plan and establish forecasts of your manpower and project duration, based on artificial intelligence.


Real Time Data

Automatically collect workforce, safety and work-in-place data, based on sensors & mobile devices using minimal infrastructure.


Data Driven Decisions

Early detection of project delays and cost overruns, as well as safety incidents, to minimize risks and increase profits.

What is data driven construction ?

While you cannot remove uncertainty, Instead we offer you resiliency

Trusted by many

Why adopt Internet of Things ?

Construction needs non-WiFi, non-GPS, battery powered devices with network that penetrates through building materials, we’ve built it


LABOR Productivity increase by 20%

  • Labor makes 40% of your project cost. Know the performance of each crew and cost code.

  • Analyze labor hours spent vs work progress to know if you are losing or making money.


Increase Safety by 80%

  • Get instant alerts on falls and accidents, respond immediately to the right locations.

  • Ensure compliance for each worker, and take proactive actions to prevent safety incidents using historical data.


Mitigate project risk

  • Forecast delays and project duration with super-human accuracy through our prioritized critical index.

  • Digital audit trail of your project, to ensure transparency for each stakeholder.

Benefit of Intelligent Jobsites

Automated headcount: 120% faster

A typical foreman spends 12 hours a week on timesheets and headcounts. Kwant’s unique system fully automates and informs you on the number of workers on the site at any specific time or location.

PROgress UPdate: 100% accurate

Schedulers and Project Managers spend 20 hours planning, updating, and verifying progress. Kwant digitizes the entire process with progress images and direct updates from the jobsite via mobile app.

reduced response time: 80%

Lives can be saved with a fast response. Kwant automatically sends alerts for fall events, and sends incident locations via text and email. Kwant improves response time by 80%.

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