Kwant Scales Workforce Orientation & Management in Affordable Housing Development...
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Onboard, protect, and manage your workforce with insights

The leading workforce management & safety platform using smart wearables for productivity & safety in construction.

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Digitize your construction site for safety & productivity insights.

Helping keep our workforce safe on the field and jobsites productive.
Workers supported & connected
Smart wearables deployed
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See how innovative owners and contractors use Kwant

ENR Top 10 Contractor Analyzes Time vs Motion vs Tasks Using Kwant to Detect 60% Cost Overruns

Find out how one of the ENR Top 10 Contractors was able to catch productivity delays and capture insights through time vs motion vs tasks on a project. Download your free white paper today.
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Smart wearable badges

Smart wearable badges for workforce safety & productivity

The Kwant smart wearable badges are full of safety features built for construction sites and help enhance workforce performance. Learn more about our privacy.
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Fall detection
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SOS button alerts
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Near-miss detection
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Restrict high-risk zones
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Accelerating construction

Keeping thousands of workers safe and jobsites productive since 2019.
Improve safety
Improve safety
Avoid schedule delays
Avoid delays
Increase productivity
Increase productivity
Meet compliance
Meet compliance
Digital transparency
Digital visibility
Unlock sustainability
Unlock sustainability

Words from our customers

Andy Leek
Paric Construction
Andy Leek
VP, Technology & Innovation
Paric Construction
"Kwant combines field staff workforce timesheet tracking with fully integrated 5D-BIM, enabling us to analyze daily productivity and WIP across all our projects with dashboards and drill-down insights, along with scheduled reports."
John Jurewicz
Walbridge Construction
John Jurewicz
Head of Innovation
Walbridge Construction
"As a safety and productivity platform, when you look at the other options in the market, Kwant’s is best in class for our large-scale projects. Our value has been through avoiding jobsite shutdowns due to variants of the safety incidents, evacuation, and rescue, and also tracking high-value assets and equipment utilization."

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