Enhance project performance with a workforce management platform

Onboard, centralize, and manage your workforce on projects with real-time insights, alerts, and analytics.

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workforce management daily insights

Unlock workforce insights, analytics, and daily reporting

Enhance project performance & safety using the Kwant workforce management platform. The Kwant workforce management and safety platform supports Owners, General Contractors, and Speciality Contractors.

Add, centralize, and manage your workforce or trade partners in one easy-to-use platform. Keep track of certifications and licenses so your jobsite is safe and compliant.
save time and costs by automating
Save time and costs from project delays with real-time reporting.
enhance site safety with real-time location
Enhance site safety and compliance on projects.
Centralize projects in one dashboard
Gain real-time insights, alerts, and analytics on projects.

Unlock real-time project insights with wearables and easy-to-install sensors

smart wearable sensors and platform

Managing your workforce just got a lot easier

Manage your team with real-time insights & alerts

You can't manage what you can't measure. Enhance site performance outcomes with data-driven insights.
productivity checkmark
Unlock portfolio-level dashboard
automate reporting
Gain real-time daily workforce insights
automate reporting
Automate daily reporting and timesheets
motion check
Unlock real-time workforce location
reduce downtime
Reduce project downtime with analytics
predict delays
Drastically reduce manual processes
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Workforce management platform
High-risk zone

Reduce project risks with real-time alerting

Ensure everyone gets home safe with built-in safety features within our smart badges.
Contactless access control
Fall detection
Visual and audible alerts
SOS alerting
Fall detection
Contactless access control
Catch near-misses
Catch near-misses
sos alert icon
High-risk zone management
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Simplify workforce management across projects

Manage your workforce across any project and streamline the way you operate with your teams.
Seamless onboarding
Enhance workforce communication
Seamless onboarding
Streamline onboarding and orientation
Centralized certifications
Centralized and manage certifications
Background checks and compliance
Run background checks for compliance
Validate payroll
Validate payroll with work hours
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Simplify workforce management
Reduce waste and optimize your materials
Reduce waste and optimize your materials

Stay on top of assets on the jobsite

Don't let equipment get stolen or materials get wasted with the platform by Kwant ai.
Track accurate work in place using 5D BIM
Track and manage equipment
Track accurate work in place using 5D BIM
Track and manage tools
Track accurate work in place using 5D BIM
Track and manage vehicles
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Automate project information by integrating with other solutions

integrated with the best companies
Top features & benefits

Unlock every feature in our platform solution

Ai-powered predictive analytics
Ai-powered predictive analytics
Use historical data to predict your project risk and make proactive decisions.
Scheduling optimization
Schedule optimization
Compare planned vs actual resources by trade using real-time data.
Workforce management
Workforce management
Centralize worker and trade partner information and documents.
Access control
Access control
Gain unprecedented insights about workforce location. Monitor who enters and exits the job site.
Integrate schedule and cost for intelligent BIM Model to track progress.
Material & asset management
Asset management
Track your materials from the factory to the construction site. Downtime analytics to optimize equipment utilization.
Location awareness
Real-time monitoring
Unlock real-time location. Time and location analysis of production time vs transit time vs downtime.
Safety features
Capture fall detection, near misses, and dangerous areas from the platform.


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Where do I start with Kwant?
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You can start with a project or you can start an enterprise. Schedule a demo with us and we would love hear about your project or our company.

What is the platform by Kwant?
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Kwant is a web and mobile app built by industry leaders leveraging ai-powered predictive analytics and low-powered sensors with long-range. We centralize data gathered by our smart badges, environmental sensors, and material & asset trackers to make smarter decisions.

How easy is the onboarding?
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We take pride in providing our customers with a simple and easy onboarding experience. Our Customer Success team can get you up and running within 2 hours -8 hours.

Who uses the platform?
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Our platform is used daily by top safety managers, operations managers, project managers, schedulers, and executives to receive real-time and most accurate information about the job site.

How accurate is your technology?
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Our smart sensors are as accurate as of the phone in your pocket. Our technology connects via Bluetooth and Lorawan technology.

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