Unlock real-time location for project insights

Ensure your workforce or trade partners are safe and projects productive with a real-time location system.

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Digitize your facility with rapid automation and real-time progress tracking

Improve project productivity and reduce downtime

Boost workforce safety and project productivity with a real-time location system.
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Maximize workforce safety and site security in real-time.
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Manage your workforce & trade partners in real-time.
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Identify critical path activities with heatmaps and real-time location.

How it works

smart wearable sensors and platform


Kind words from our loyal customers.
Andy Leek
VP. Technology & Innovation, Paric Construction
"Kwant combines field staff workforce timesheet tracking with fully integrated 5D-BIM, enabling us to analyze daily productivity and WIP across all our projects with dashboards and drill-down insights, along with scheduled reports."
walbridge logo
John Jurewicz
Head of Innovation, Walbridge Construction
"As a safety and productivity platform, when you look at the other options in the market, Kwant is best in class for our large-scale projects"
Logo of 7BC Venture Capital
Andrew Romans
General Partner of 7BC Venture capital
On the treasure map of construction AI companies we mark an X on Kwant AI."
lrc logo
Project Manager
LRC Construction
"Putting new technology in the hands of the owner and GC that help better manage jobsites. Powerful platform with lots of potentials that could change the way we see construction."
fairstead logo
Project Manager
"Safety features for worker safety is a huge plus on large projects where manpower is spread all throughout the property!."

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