Improve workforce safety & productivity with smart wearables & tags

Smart wearable badges for construction safety

Smart badges are "Made in the USA," light, and built strong. Gather workforce data, mitigate risk, and protect your workers across any construction site. Read about our privacy.
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3-year battery life
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Store certifications - OSHA, SST
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ID card
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Fall detection
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SOS alerts
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Restricting access
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Smart badges
Smart hat

Smart wearable hard hat safety tags

Gain the flexibility to attach a smart wearable to the back of any hard hat. Gather workforce data for smarter decisions on a jobsite. Read about our privacy.
3-year battery life icon
3-year battery life
Store certifications icon
Store certifications - OSHA , SST
ID card icon
ID card
Fall detection icon
Fall detection
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Instant SOS alerts
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Restricting access
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kwant hard hat tag sensors safety

Unlock real-time location for proactive & reactive safety.

Your workforce deserves the best safety wearables for the field. The smart wearables have GPS, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, and RFID-based sensor capabilities with accelerometers.

Kwant's smart safety wearables come in a badge form or hard hat tag. The wearables are intrinsically safe devices and ATEX certified for the toughest construction environments.
Battery life
Worker adoption rate
Enhance jobsite safety

ENR Top 10 Contractor Analyzes Time vs Motion vs Tasks Using Kwant to Detect 60% Cost Overruns

Find out how one of the ENR Top 10 Contractors was able to catch productivity delays and capture insights through time vs motion vs tasks on a project. Download your free white paper today.
Product Team
ENR Top 10 Contractor Analyzes Time vs Motion vs Tasks Using Kwant to Detect 60% Cost Overruns
Top features & benefits

Keep your workers safe on the field with safety wearables

The Kwant smart safety wearables are proven to support any project lifecycle.
3-year battery life
Long battery life
Every smart wearable has a long battery life.
Store certifications
Store certifications
Manage vital certifications like OSHA & SST
ID card
Use the smart wearables as a worker ID card.
Fall detection
Fall detection
Detects falls and improve safety on a jobsite.
Build analytics
Safety insights
Capture workforce safety insights on the field.
Instant SOS alerts
SOS button
Every smart wearable gets an SOS button & alerts.
Location awareness
Real-Time Location
Unlock real-time worker location across any project.
Restricting access
Restrict high-risk zones
Restrict high-risk zones with your workforce.

Smart safety wearables FAQ

Have a question? We got answers.

What is the size of the smart wearable badge?
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Dimension - 85.5×54×4.5mm
Weight - 18.5g/15.5g

What about privacy?
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You decide what data to collect and if names are shared. Different approaches are preferred, all respected. Tiered access means different permissions for different individuals. No location info is collected off-site.

Does the badge have RFID or how does it connect?
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Yes, depending upon the use case badges can have NFC, RFID or UHF. Location awareness is based on BLE and RFID allows us to integrate with an access control system.

Can I use the badge as an ID card?
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Yes, you can print and attach a sticker as an ID card to the badge.

Does the badge have GPS? Indoor vs outdoor positioning?
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We have badges that have GPS, BLE, and wifi that allow us to do outdoor as well as indoor location awareness.

Will the badge send data even when a worker is offsite?
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No, the badges communicate to the edge sensors installed at the site and as soon as a worker leaves the site the badge will stop communicating.

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