Privacy is a human right

privacy graphic

You control the experiences shared

Own your data securely.
See why Kwant was built with privacy in mind.
you decide the data you collect

Data collection on your terms

You decide what kind of information you want to collect from the jobsite & workforce. We understand that each project has different requirements.
anonymize data

We anonymize your data

Our project might want to hide the name to maintain privacy. You can select our “Anonymize Me” feature, your name will be translated into a combination of numbers and letters.
no offsite data collection

No data collection offsite

We only operate within the range of our sensors. Our smart badges or wearables go to sleep mode once off the jobsite. We never collect data outside of the professional work site. 
data collection encrypt

Data is always encrypted

We encrypt all data. Kwant aligns with the standard data protection practice every time data is added or processed. 
routine security checks

Routine security updates & standards

Kwant is FCA compliant. Kwant follows standard security practices & has a documented security policy & process. We conduct data protection impact assessments regularly & have a continuity & recovery plan in place to notify the proper authorities if a data breach occurs.
union support

Trade union privacy alignment

Kwant partners with multiple unions around the country as a trusted safety and workforce management platform. We are proud to support some of the largest trade organizations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Southern California, St. Louis, and Detroit. 

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