Ai-powered predictive analytics for construction

Compare past vs present data with our ai-based algorithm to make smarter decisions on the fly.

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Forecast project goals with ai-powered predictive analytics

Gain accurate forecasting through concrete data sets

A single jobsite can produce mountains of data. We help turn your data into actionable data for you. Read how we handle privacy.
Catch high-risk activities that cost the company.
Catch high-risk activities
Gain powerful ai-based predictive analytics for any project
Ai-based predictive analytics
Improve progress tracking to meet projects on time
Improve scheduling with ai

Words from our customers

Malbro Construction
Michael Maloney
Chief Project Engineer
Malbro Construction
"I am overseeing 50 different sites, being able to go into Kwant ai first thing in the morning and see headcount and compare that against the required manpower counts. Shows me quickly which subs and projects I need to call. It used to take me 2-4 days to figure out accurate manpower counts across all our projects. Now I know immediately. The greatest thing about the Kwant ai platform is that it sends me an email if it detects trades where they should not be. This has easily saved us over $50K in disputed changed orders."

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