Strengthen construction safety with access control & turnstiles

Secure your construction site with access control and turnstiles. Request a demo today and learn how to streamline safety.

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Contactless access control

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Keep work flowing with access control & turnstiles

Protect your team and visitors on the field with premium safety solutions.
construction site access control

Prevent unauthorized entry & reduce workplace risks

Keep your construction site safe with easy-to-install access control software & turnstiles from Kwant. Store and verify worker certifications and licenses across any project.
construction site access control

Ensure site safety with turnstiles & reliable software

Protect your team or visitors on the jobsite no matter the project location with a reliable access control system and turnstiles. Know your jobsite is safe even when you are not present.
construction site access control

Verify your workforce with facial recognition

Strengthen site security with AI-powered biometrics. Easily automate and verify attendance with facial recognition by Kwant.

Protect your workforce & visitors

Learn about every site safety solution Kwant offers so your jobsite is safe and compliant.
Contactless access control
Contactless access control & turnstiles
Improve jobsite safety
Improve jobsite safety & reduce incidents
Meet compliance standards
Meet jobsite compliance standards
Support proactive scheduling
Support proactive workforce scheduling
Real-time reporting & analytics
Real-time reporting & analytics
Improve workforce management
Improve workforce certification management

Access control FAQ

Have a question? We have answers.

How easy are the turnstiles to install?
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The turnstiles can be installed within generally a day.

How do the access control system and turnstile connect?
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Kwant's contactless access control system and turnstiles connect via Bluetooth or standalone.

Are the turnstiles waterproof?
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Kwant's access control turnstiles are durable and waterproof.

How soon can you ship the turnstiles?
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We can ship the turnstiles within 2-14 business days.

Does it work with cameras?
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Yes, you can install a camera.