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CMiC & Kwant: Streamline Construction with Powerful Integration

May 22, 2023
3 min
CMiC & Kwant: Streamline Construction with Powerful Integration

About CMIC

Founded in 1974, CMiC today delivers state-of-the-art software solutions, purpose-built for the construction industry.

From its inception, CMiC has maintained a laser focus on automating and enhancing essential back-office functions – such as accounting, enterprise planning, human capital management and asset management – as well as field operations, including project management & controls, collaboration and a full suite of apps for mobile devices.

About Kwant

Founded in 2019, Kwant is a workforce management & safety platform solution built to accelerate construction through productivity and safety.

Using smart wearables and plug-n-play sensors, Kwant connects workforce and jobsite data, and provides real-time insights & actionable reports. 

Kwant provides a unique way to manage your workforce, assets, and project sites using the smart badges and analytics platform. General Contractors and Owners are able to manage multiple projects simultaneously in real-time helping streamline safety and productivity.

Why are CMIC and  Kwant partnering?

The construction industry is always evolving, and changes are continuously occurring that are driven by new technologies, including integrations with multidimensional modeling.

As the construction industry accelerates, so does the need for proper integrations so data points can connect and companies can streamline valuable information.

How it works:

Import company/specialty contractors from CMIC to Kwant

  • Automatically import your companies and specialty contractors within any project from the CMIC platform to the Kwant platform. 

Automate daily journals

  • Automatically import into daily journals by trade each day, helping reduce manual input within the CMIC platform.
  • Push and sync daily headcount tracking

Timesheet management

  • Sync daily worker timesheets to CMiC
  • No more manual data input

Asset tracking with real-time location (coming soon)

If you would like to learn more about the CMiC and Kwant integration. Reach out and schedule a free demo to see the integration in action!

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