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Kwant's Makeover: Explore New Look, Connected Construction

August 3, 2022
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Kwant's Makeover: Explore New Look, Connected Construction

The Kwant team is having a very exciting few months. We have been working hard to unveil a new logo, brand identity, and updates to our platform/apps for better alignment and showcase what we’re all about, connected construction.

All our material, sites, and apps have a vibrant new look and fresh feel with a stronger alignment to our mission in staying connected with one another.

Kwant is the leading platform to connect specific data nodes around workforces, materials, and equipment into one central dashboard for data-driven results. Construction project management with a simpler approach.

A lot of hard work and love went into creating our fresh new look at Kwant. We hope you enjoy the brand journey.

The brand journey 

Kwant is on a mission to accelerate the construction industry and provide digital transparency for every jobsite by connecting and centralizing workforce data, materials, and assets to improve safety and productivity. 

Connecting construction data around workforces, material, and equipment into one central location for easy access is no easy feat.

Our workforce management and safety platform simplifies the chaos around jobsite data and provides actionable insights for our customers. The fresh look across our brand will support an easier approach to digesting and processing information.

Not too long ago, we looked at our brand, identity, and vision to realize we still have more to show in terms of conveying who we are and what we stand for.

The company is growing rapidly, and we want to bring longevity to our brand and provide consistency to each team with every interaction, from our blogs to products - represent who we are.

The Kwant approach

In the process of further showcasing who we are, our team concluded that there are three pillars of support needed to progress productivity and safety for our customers. The three pillars of a construction site are the workforce, materials, and equipment.

To improve productivity and safety within construction sites and opportunity zones, our co-founder & CEO understood the core and importance of what the company needed to stand for. 

“Kwant” originates from the love of “quants” that represents quantum physics and how we are shaping the construction industry. We are pushing the boundaries of the construction industry to take a “Kwantum Leap”, from manual processes and reactive decisions making to real-time, data-driven decision making.

We use quantitative data in research in the attempt to quantify a problem, or address the 'what' or 'how many' aspects of a research question. It is data that can either be counted or compared on a numeric scale. Examples of quantitative data include numerical values such as measurements, cost, weight, sensory calculation, projection of data, and quantification of qualitative entities. Now with a twist, a 'K.'

A branding system with simplicity

With the complexities that come with managing a project on and off a jobsite the Kwant team made it a point to provide simplicity throughout the project lifecycle through our software and hardware solutions. Once we had the concept of our colors and logo, we looked to extend the next steps into our brand system. 

brand colors

Since the Kwant solutions provide digital transparency for our customers, having our specific color palette with a white or dark canvas will allow us to fulfill our duties toward simplicity and execute material across any landscape in a clear way.

Each color design represents a side of the company that we want to highlight, such as trust, communication, safety, simplicity, drive, to name a few.

With our brand colors in place, the team aims to utilize our color system to the fullest. Having an awesome color system that can blend and mix into one another like concrete was a must for us.

With our evolving platform and content, look out for more updates and vibrant-fresh designs in the coming future that relate to services and teams within the Kwant umbrella.


Evolution of the logo

As we dove into the design of our fresh logo, the team sought to bring that simplicity mindset to life while staying true to our core and data-driven approach.

Our platform solution is the core and ‘nucleus’ of construction site data, on and off the jobsite. Since Kwant connects the chaos of construction site data, we we looked to showcase that essence in our logo.

As a result of hard work and a clear vision, our logo evolution now showcases the theme of “connection.” Kwant centralizes the chaos around construction site data involving workforce, material, and equipment.

As the world grows larger, technology will evolve, and construction will continue to be a priority, so let’s work smarter and more efficiently together, connected.  


The platform 

The Kwant platform centralizes the chaos of construction site data on and off the jobsite. With multiple features within the platform, the workflow needs to be efficient for our customers.

Our engineering team partnered with our marketing team to align with the updated vision and brand system. Our platform and fresh UI/UX are ever evolving and will always aim to create a more seamless workflow experience for our customers.

Our team understands the day-to-day of a construction project and wants to make work life faster and smoother for our users. We truly enjoy supporting our customers in ways they may not have thought with of some methods of support that can be achieved through platform updates.




Spreading the Kwant message

Kwant is a worker-first company and takes privacy seriously. Our fresh look will help bring clarity to the chaos of project data for our customers within construction.

Kwant will continue to support workers, owners, general contractors, subcontractors, specialty contractors, and manufacturers with the tools and security to build for tomorrow’s future.

With a suite of industry-focused solutions like workforce management, ai-predictive analytics, schedule optimization, access control, background checks, payroll integration, asset management, smart wearable sensors, and safety features for jobsites, Kwant is built to support industry-leading challenges for a better tomorrow.

Learn more about ways to improve construction site safety and productivity through our solutions by keeping up with our website and blog. Project management just got a lot simpler.

Keep a look out for new features and solutions in the coming year, the Kwant team has a lot of great things in store for our customers.

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