How does digital onboarding speed up workforce management?

January 5, 2023
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How does digital onboarding speed up workforce management?

Construction workforce onboarding and orientation are vital steps in project safety and success. Workforce management is the next step that elevates how our teams and employees operate. Onboarding and orientation can set your workforce up for success if done correctly.

If the onboarding and orientation process is long, clunky, and uninformative, then your workforce will have a higher safety risk and first impressions will be hard to change.

Starting your workforce off on the right foot supports successful workforce management and employee initiatives will likely rise if there is a proper onboarding & orientation experience.

There is a new wave of digital services that are supporting contractors and builders with ways to gather and automate workforce information.

Digital onboarding & safety orientation forms are currently being used by many contractors and builders to save time and money when it comes to capturing and validating the correct employee information.

Having the tools to verify your workforce ahead of time helps keep compliance standards in check and reduces the wait time for processing. Let’s dive in and see what digital onboarding & safety orientation forms have to offer. 

Gather employee information with ease

As a construction project begins, we want our workforce to hit the ground running, but there needs to be a little prep work. Digital onboarding & safety orientation forms allow contractors and builders a way to automate data gathering and see if the worker is right for the project.

In the past, gathering worker information was long and tedious but now, we can operate efficiently with fast digital tools.

Capture certifications and documents like OSHA and SST card information. There are multiple reasons why gathering information has been difficult in the past, but with digital forms, contractors have a way to get the right info they need fast and secure.

When using a digital onboarding & safety orientation form for a new hire, you can customize based on trade and send the form out via email or text message for the new employee to fill out. 

Verify your workforce or trade partners before the job starts

When you send digital onboarding & safety orientation forms, the goal is to verify your workforce ahead of time. Without digital onboarding & safety orientation forms, verifying your workforce can take some time, and the process can be annoying.

A fast verification process is mainly digital and helps save time and money when it comes to a project. You can also run fast background checks depending the service you use.

Having the ability to verify your workforce on the same day requires the right people and technology in place. When an unverified employee is on the jobsite, heavy fines can be given, employees can be injured, and companies can lead to becoming bankrupt.

The need for skilled tradespersons continues to rise and one way to filter through all the workforce clutter is a smooth verification process.

Provide built-in workforce safety videos & training courses

One great way to save onboarding time is by providing built-in videos and training courses for your workforce through digital forms. When you customize your digital onboarding & safety orientation forms, you can provide custom safety videos and training courses to complete.

Having the space to provide videos and courses based on specific trade is a huge time and money saver. Learn more about constructions safety videos on OSHA's website.

Centralize workforce information & certifications

Centralizing workforce information and certifications allows contractors to pull up information when necessary for a project. When using digital onboarding & orientation forms, the future employee will be able to upload specific certifications and documents that relate to trade and requirements to work on the jobsite. There are many types of certifications that need to be shown for work like OSHA or SST cards.

Centralizing project and workforce-specific information are crucial for departments to communicate properly. The more communication, the better off the project, and the employees become safer indirectly. Management can even stay on top of certifications and meet compliance requirements, so they do not pay a penalty fee in the future. 

Improve cross department collaboration

As every project begins, we want our workforce to feel support from every department. There needs to be a few pieces in play that can help management reach their goals.

Digital onboarding and safety orientation forms are pieces of technology that can help support multiple departments simultaneously. HR, operations, and safety can work together to improve and optimize efforts so time and money are not lost for the company through hiring.

To have a successful workforce process, departments need to communicate and collaborate properly. When devices are centralized and connected, departments can share and access information per need base.

When companies allocate time for digital collaboration efforts, their culture and productivity rises inherently.

Accelerate workforce management & enhance safety

Building the foundation to a safe employee experience needs to begin at the very beginning. Kwant helps construction companies build their internal employee foundation through digital onboarding and safety orientation forms.

Manage internal or external teams for any construction project type in just a few steps. 

When contractors successfully utilize digital forms for employee onboarding and orientation, they can dramatically lower their employee turnover rates. Employee retention rates go up, and contractors become more attractive when hiring. 

Learn more about digital onboarding & safety orientation forms today and see how you easy it is to enhance successful workforce outcomes.

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