How Construction Site Safety & Reduce Insurance Premiums with Smart Wearables

September 27, 2023
5 min
How Construction Site Safety & Reduce Insurance Premiums with Smart Wearables

Construction is a dangerous field. Many contracting companies are proactively increasing site safety to reduce insurance premiums by using smart wearables. When focusing on boosting site safety and security on projects, general contractors or owners can avoid OSHA violations, prevent losses at work, gain productivity increases, and save their bottom line. Construction has one of the highest fatal injuries than most other industries - kwant 2.0

One major way to lower insurance premiums for projects is by implementing smart wearables to your workforce & trade partners. Each smart wearable by Kwant is packed with safety features that are built for protecting our workforce in real-time. The smart wearable badges have built-in real-time location safety features that compliment OSHA requirements.

Smart wearable features:

1. Fall detection (detect fakes/higher than 6ft)

2. SOS alerting

3. Near-miss alerting

4. High-risk zone restriction

5. ID & certification management

6. Ties with access control/turnstiles 

Mitigating risk is a very important part of being proactive with safety and lowering insurance premiums. Oftentimes many leaders are reactive with safety rather than proactive due to the nature of work. When there are a lot of workers and trade partners to a project, it can be hard to know who is on-site throughout the work day. Smart safety wearables help manage your workforce & trade partners when entering the jobsite in real-time so there is no need for manual input when calculating headcount or work hours. 

OSHA violations infographic

Types of construction insurance:

1. Builders risk insurance

2. General liability insurance

3. Errors & omissions/professional liability insurance

4. Inland marine insurance

5. Commercial auto insurance

6. Workers' compensation insurance

7. Pollution liability insurance

8. Subcontractor default insurance

9. Wrap insurance (OCIP/CCIP)

Insurance resources:

NYC Worker’s Compensation:

Liberty Mutual: 

New York Business Insurance: 

Progressive Insurance: 

Nationwide Insurance: 

USI Builders Risk: 

Want to see how you can improve site safety and reduce insurance premiums using smart wearables?

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