Revolutionize Data Insights and Management - Kwant 2.0 upgrades

May 22, 2024
7 Min
Revolutionize Data Insights and Management - Kwant 2.0 upgrades

When we first launched the Insights Company page, our goal was straightforward. We needed to deliver a minimum viable product that had the potential to offer timely and valuable data insights to our customers.

Initially, we took advantage of various external libraries and constantly worked on the visualization and marketing of this data. The vision was to simplify things to ensure the value is immediately benefited without complicating the process. So, now we have reached a crucial stage in our journey.

After being exposed to continuous improvement for quite some time, we now have a better insight into our users’ needs and behaviors. We understand how they interact with our platform, what they look for, and how we can improve their experience. This insight is the foundation of all our innovations.

Evolving with Purpose

The fundamental concept of “insights” for us is centered on providing users with snapshots of their project metrics. This includes a wide range of time frames from weekly to monthly and even annual summaries.

However, we recognized early on that each user's journey is distinct and their essentials vary greatly depending on their role and responsibilities.

For instance, a superintendent may place a high value on the ability to verify headcount in each trade category. These specific metrics enable them to check whether the skills required in the project are available on-site.

On the other hand, a project manager might have an interest in observing and understanding the patterns and tendencies within the workforce. It is useful for decision-making and resource planning.

Meanwhile, a safety manager’s responsibilities might lead them to concentrate on tracking work hours and critical alerts. By keeping aware of these aspects, they can effectively prevent and control possible risks at work.

Enhanced Customization for Personalized Insights

.Listening closely to user feedback, we've enhanced our platform to offer greater customization options. 

Users can now personalize their experience by marking favorite trades for quick access and utilizing advanced filters to tailor data views according to specific criteria. 

This flexibility ensures that every user can interact with the data in a way that suits their unique needs and responsibilities on the job site.

Feedback-Driven Improvements

We listened to our customer's feedback to serve the construction industry even more. One such feedback highlights the need for more cohesive features and the ability to explore data more comprehensively.

In response to this, we have enhanced the new Insights page to provide a more integrated experience. Users now can delve deeper into company-specific data or investigate subsets of workers within a company directly from the Insights page. 

Furthermore, our updated platform simplifies communication among companies. Similarly, users can easily send alerts, share critical updates, or initiate general messages.

Introducing Key Enhancements

Our latest update brings several key enhancements aimed at improving user experience:

Global Stat Cards

We have recently added stat cards to our system to offer concise and easily understandable insights. Key metrics such as average hours worked per employee, total number of employees, and the consistency of the workforce are now available.

These are crucial for quickly grasping the situation and for making informed decisions when it comes to planning strategically.

Dynamic Graphs

In the latest update, Kwant has implemented various graph types that update based on user interaction. These include:

  • Line graphs for workforce trends.
  • Bar graphs for work hours.
  • Combo graphs for consistency indices

Furthermore, these graphs are designed to provide a comprehensive visual analysis.

Data Export

Kwant acknowledges the diverse necessities of data management and has introduced enhanced data export capabilities. This new feature provides users with the flexibility to create reports swiftly or customize them extensively. 

Users can now export their data into .csv files, which can be tailored to meet specific needs. It ensures that the data is not only accessible but also presented in a preferred format. This adaptability is necessary for users who require precise data for analysis, reporting, or sharing purposes. 

Customization and Bookmarking

Kwant allows users to customize their experience to their particular requirements. With the new bookmarking function, users can effortlessly mark and retrieve important companies or insights, streamlining their workflow. 

The customization options extend to filters and data points, enabling users to modify their interface to display only the most applicable information. This level of personalization ensures each user's dashboard is uniquely configured for maximum relevance and efficiency. 

Looking Ahead with Kwant

As we look to the future, we are excited to continue this journey of innovation. We always seeking ways to refine our platform and exceed the expectations of our diverse user base. 

The path of progress is an ongoing one. With Kwant, our users can be confident that they have a partner dedicated to providing insights that are not just timely but also transformative. 

We're excited about the opportunities to further innovate and streamline the way our customers interact with data. Together, we are building a smarter, more efficient, and more insightful industry.


Overall, our journey has been a transformative one, marked by continuous innovation and a deep commitment to understanding and serving the unique needs of our users. From the initial launch of our Insights Company page to the latest enhancements, we have strived to deliver a platform. It not only provides valuable data insights but also evolves with the changing landscape of user requirements.

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