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New Feature Highlight: Certificate of Insurance (COI) Manager for Workforce & Trades

July 24, 2023
5 min
New Feature Highlight: Certificate of Insurance (COI) Manager for Workforce & Trades

Exciting news! The Kwant team has been working hard to release a new feature within the platform! The new feature directly ties to support compliance, insurance, liability, and claims. 

The Certificate of Insurance (COI) manager is a new feature within the Kwant platform that helps users upload and centralize necessary insurance and trade partner documentation. Based on the date, platform users can send alerts notifying workers when their certificate is about to expire.

This is a huge upgrade to the way construction companies have kept up with information management, notifications, and follow ups for compliance-related needs. 

The COI manager by Kwant has been tested and proven on the field across a $1B evaluation portfolio of 8 large-scale construction projects within the first few months of launch.

The results of the COI manager showed faster productivity rates, less time wasted on manual tasks, a more compliant job site, and allows for saving costs from fines & penalties. To learn more about COI management, please view the notes below. 

How it works:

Add/track worker or trade partner certifications & documents

Add and keep track of workforce/trade partner certifications in one place. Easily pull information wherever and whenever needed.

Add and track worker certifications

Centralize & browse worker/trade partner information

Centralize worker and trade partner information within Kwant’s workforce management platform. View/pull basic worker and company information, licenses, certifications, and insurance. 

Centralize and browse worker information

Get email reports/alerts on valuable information

Keep up with certifications, insurance, licenses, and important documents with a daily email report. Get updates on your workforce and trade partners on every job.

Email report and alerts

Why is COI management important?

Many construction companies need a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for proof of coverage. Many companies struggle to manage this process due to a lack of time and other restraints.

The Certificate of Insurance helps reduce liability and risk from claims in the event of an accident or injury on project sites. 

If a worker is injured on a jobsite and has no insurance, how would that impact your company? 

Benefits of COI management solutions:

  • Properly insured
  • Liability & claim protection
  • Streamline compliance-related processes
  • Centralize & manage documents 
  • Increases knowledge-base 
  • Reduces admin burden

Insurance types COI manager supports:

  • General liability insurance
  • Worker’s compensation insurance
  • Employee liability insurance
  • Property damage insurance
  • Professional liability insurance

Getting started with your own COI manager

Managing certifications and insurance documentation can be taxing on anyone’s time and energy. If you would like to make life easier and keep your company safe from claims and liability, try the COI manager by Kwant

Schedule a free demo of the solution today. 

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