How General Contractors Manage Safety, and Communication on Construction Projects?

December 13, 2023
6 min
How General Contractors Manage Safety, and Communication on Construction Projects?

Struggling with loss in productivity, communication breakdowns, and safety concerns? You’re not alone. Many general contractors struggle with the same challenges on construction projects. 

The construction industry is infamous for its communication gaps, efficient workflows by nature and safety hazards. These issues cost GCs thousands of dollars in loss of productivity, rework, and accidents.

Fortunately, there is a one-stop-shop solution for solving some of these challenges around workforce management and communication. 

With Kwant’s workforce management and safety solution, exceptional management and communication isn’t just wishful thinking.

GCs are able to capture real-world results that make an impact on the way we manage and communicate with our team members by simply centralizing and consolidating information. 

Below is a simple outline of how general contractors can efficiently manage and communicate with their workforce:

Onboard worker information

Onboarding construction workers can be a mess and time consuming. Having the ability to streamline your onboarding process is a must for attracting, retaining, and managing top talent.

Having a dedicated onboarding solution also supports cross-project travels between workers. This is why many general contractors and safety professionals use Kwant to onboard and centralize workforce information across projects.

Onboarding with Kwant

With onboarding software, general contractors can:

  • Onboard any worker and contractor for a project
  • Customize onboarding forms specific for projects
  • Add/manage training content and media
  • Capture and centralize necessary workforce information for project

Manage & centralize worker or contractor information/certifications

Having centralized data has a large impact on safety and productivity on projects. With a single south of truth, general contractors can eliminate duplicate and mis-information that may be conflicting.

They can keep track and centralize worker information, certifications (OSHA/SST), licenses, and safety activity, all from one simple workforce management platform like Kwant. 

Centralize worker information

With a workforce management solution, general contractors can create worker profiles, assign tasks, track processes, get real-time alerts and notifications, and break down processes to make life easier on projects. This ultimately reduces any administrative burdens and automated processes digitally

Communicate to your team efficiently  

With a centralized workforce management solution like Kwant, many general contractors can communicate effectively to their workforce and contractors on jobsites during emergencies.

The mass communication feature by Kwant allows general contractors to notify workers and contractors working in a specific zone to evacuate.This is a great improvement from past communication tools such as radio or yelling.


Mass communication screenshot

Gain insights, alerts, and analytics on your workforce 

In the past, many general contractors would have limited access to capturing and utilizing data. Now, when general contractors use a centralized workforce management solution like Kwant, they are able to capture real-time workforce insights, alerts and analytics.

Kwant’s smart badges and workforce management solution is a proactive and reactive approach to managing workers and contractors across multiple projects, while keeping them safe. 

daily insights and analytics dashboard

With Kwant’s workforce management and safety solution, general contractors know:

  • Number of workers and contractors on-site
  • Number of companies on-site
  • Scheduling notification and alerts
  • Real-time workforce location 
  • Site visualization tools like heatmaps
  • Peak-workforce and manpower consistency 
  • Site safety insights and alerts
  • Workforce insights, alerts, analytics, and reports

Next steps

If you are having difficulty managing your workforce and contractors on a single project or across multiple, try Kwant’s workforce management solution.

Today, many general contractors are using a centralized workforce management solution like Kwant to streamline efficiencies, enhance safety, and boosy workforce management using insights, alerts, and analytics. 

Learn more about our workforce management solution today, request a free demo.

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