How to Automate Your Construction Daily Reports with Kwant

January 22, 2024
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How to Automate Your Construction Daily Reports with Kwant

In construction, there are many moving parts to a project and it can honestly be hard to keep track of everything. One major role in everyone’s day-to-day work is logging their daily reports.

This document bridges the gaps between communication and progress tracking. That is where companies like Kwant steps in. In this blog post, we’ll go over the transformative potential of utilizing Kwant to simplify and automate construction daily reports.

What are construction daily reports? 

Construction daily reports are generally detailed daily logs and recaps of the day. These daily reports included reports surrounding the workforce, contractors, or assets on a project.

These construction reports become a part of a standardization process to validate information and progress track efficiently. 

What comes with construction daily reports?

  • Project details
  • Project progress
  • Weather conditions
  • Crew/visitor time & attendance
  • Equipment tracking
  • Delivery details
  • Safety details
  • Additional notes & comments

The challenges with traditional reporting

Traditionally, daily reports were manually filled out with pen and paper throughout or at the end of the day. This method takes up a lot of time, and energy and is prone to mistakes after a long day of work.

Fortunately, we live in a very unique time with technology where manual processes can become automated. 

The solution: automating real-time reporting to increase productivity

Many contractors are now attempting to simplify life by automating their construction daily reports. By leveraging technology like real-time location and smart wearables, construction managers can enhance workflow processes, improve accuracy, enhance communication, and save major costs over time. 


Having the ability to automate field data to feed into your reports is a game-winning recipe for successful project management. Many contractors are now looking into ways to automate field data so their reports are accurate and can be pulled up at any time of the day to share to other stakeholders.

How to capture real-time field data with Kwant

There are many digital tools on the market to enhance field and daily reporting but few around the workforce. More companies are now utilizing real-time location solutions like smart badges or wearable hard hat sensors like Kwant to capture and automate field data around your workforce and assets.

Understanding the location and time of an individual or asset within a jobsite is an extra layer of accuracy and validation to make smarter decisions.

capture field data with kwant

Smart badges with real-time location

Kwant’s smart badges and wearables sensors help capture real-time workforce data on the field surrounding safety and productivity.

The smart wearables are packed with safety features on top of just real-time location, like fall detection, SOS alerting, near-miss alerting, and zone management.

The smart wearables also have long battery life and multiple connectivity capabilities like Wifi, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, and cellular which sets them apart from most competitors.

Having the ability to connect and go on a jobsite is a great way to capture real-time workforce data that doesn't disrupt the worker from their duties. 

In many cases, these smart badges are provided during the onboarding experience as workers reach the jobsite and finish their orientation, they are given a smart badge so the are safe and productive. By utilizing real-time location, many construction companies are able to validate their data.

Smart wearable badges by Kwant

Daily insights dashboard

The second piece to automating daily reports is having the right software system in place to capture and process the information into a digestible format for viewing.

There are many solutions that offer daily, weekly, and monthly reporting capabilities through email, text, and other formats. What is unique about using a workforce management software like Kwant, is that you centralize all your workforce and asset information for easy access to information.

Daily insights screenshot

By using Kwant's smart wearables and workforce management software, construction companies can progress track is new ways than before using real-time location.

You can automate and capture information like project details, project progress, worker location, worker verification, worker access rights, weather conditions, time tracking, equipment tracking, delivery dates, safety details and additional notes/comments from meetings.

Automated construction daily logs with Kwant

Benefits of automating your daily reports with Kwant

The benefits to automated daily reports vary for many but overall here are the natural benefits many customers receive by utilizing Kwant.

  • Drastically improves time management 
  • Enhances productivity rates
  • Creates a safer work environment
  • Improves data hygiene and consistency 
  • Reduces the risk of errors (largely due to human error)
  • Improves field communication from management to workers
  • Enables accurate information for better decision making
  • Reduce extra costs

Want to learn more about Kwant and how we can help save you time and costs by automating your construction daily reports? Schedule a time below to get started. 

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