Company news enters into new relationship with WESCO distribution, Inc.

July 20, 2021
3 Min enters into new relationship with WESCO distribution, Inc.

New York, New York --  August 10, 2020 -  OnTarget Technologies, Inc. DBA is pleased to announce that it has entered into a new relationship agreement with WESCO Distribution, Inc., an industry-leading supply chain solutions company providing electrical supplies, logistics expertise and systems capabilities around the world.

Under the agreement, OnTarget Technologies, Inc. DBA is designated as “producing or otherwise procuring, distributing and/or selling internet network products,” particularly “cloud-based reporting software-as-a-service” for the purpose of improving business continuity, productivity, and safety during the construction and operations and maintenance phases.

Further, OnTarget Technologies, Inc. DBA will be responsible for “provid[ing] access to the Services to its customers” including “continuously maintain[ing] the Services” and providing “all such services and repairs” for targeted WESCO and WESCO-affiliate customers.

For more information about this new partnership, please contact

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