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Kwant & Microsoft: Powering Up Construction

May 11, 2022
3 min
Kwant & Microsoft: Powering Up Construction

Kwant is proud to announce our partnership with Microsoft Azure. This enables Kwant to provide unprecedented level of insights that has never possible before to our customers.

Using the power of Artificial Intelligence, Kwant is able to identify workers and automatically detect their real-time locations & activities.

Kwant compares this data with forensic data to provide predictive analytics that enable early warning signals, which are used to optimize your workforce and predict safety incidents.

Kwant automates timesheets, increases payroll accuracy and provides daily insights on profit and loss, thus reducing hours of unproductive manual work.

Kwant uses smart sensors to detect falls, slips, access to unsafe zones, and communicate in real-time to significantly reduce response time and help save lives.

Kwant is excited to announce its partnership with Microsoft Azure; an online platform which offers applications and services.

Azure is a set of cloud computing services that help companies meet business challenges by providing an ecosystem to develop advanced analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Kwant uses Azure to develop performance metrics and risk assessments for complex infrastructure projects. Using Microsoft Azure, Kwant is able leverage their cloud service to have a localized presence and is able to reach their customers worldwide instantly.

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