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New Feature Highlight: Employee Check-In Page for Access Control

July 10, 2023
5 min
New Feature Highlight: Employee Check-In Page for Access Control

Exciting news! The Kwant team is happy to announce a new feature addon to our platform for access control. The new automated check-in page by Kwant provides a clear way to view who has access to your jobsite. The feature works with or without turnstiles and for union or non-union projects. Now, you can know who is on your jobsite at all times. Flag uncertified personnel as they enter the jobsite instead of guessing. 

Contactless Access Control 

Feature highlights & benefits: 

  • Visually see who is on your jobsite in real-time with or without turnstiles
  • View by employee or anonymize by trade for union or non-union based projects
  • Visually flag uncertified or unauthorized employees or trade partners across different job sites
  • Fast check-in page view & validation for security 
  • Filter check-in by gate 
  • View across a phone, tablet, and desktop platform

How it works:

First and foremost, each employee and vehicle operator must be wearing a smart badge by Kwant and vehicles must support the Kwant sensors that will identify them as they enter and exit the jobsite. Learn about our easy onboarding & safety orientation software for badge distribution.

Once the workforce is on the jobsite wearing a smart badge, the Kwant sensors will pick up their location in real-time and automate attendance check in and out of the jobsite and update the Kwant workforce database. Through our touch less access control feature, vehicles that enter or exit construction sites should always range from 5-10 mph for everyones safety.

Access control check-in page for kwant
Access control check-in page by road.

This new feature is great for security purposes and moving vehicles. Making sure you know who is on your jobsite at all times even with traffic is crucial. Sometimes job sites are so large that turnstiles end up becoming ineffective and not as efficient. An alternative solution that many contractors are now utilizing are smart badges and sensors by Kwant.

Union-based projects check-in view: by trade

construction check-in page for union projects

Non-union projects check-in view: by employee

construction site check-in page for non-union

Getting started on protecting your jobsite

Learn how to secure your jobsite with the Kwant access control system and automated check-in page. Streamline the way you operate across multiple jobsites with simple automate and clear views. Never guess who is on your jobsite again with Kwant.

Schedule a free demo below to learn how to get started.

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