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The Portfolio-Level Workforce Management Solution for Construction

January 18, 2023
3 min
The Portfolio-Level Workforce Management Solution for Construction

Release date: Jan 2023

Exciting news! We are happy to announce to launch of a new feature within the Kwant platform. The portfolio-level workforce management solution for construction professionals. Streamline operational success across all your projects for repeat wins.

Owners and contractors can now create worker profiles and centralize worker information from any project in one portfolio-level overview. Keep a pulse on any workforce or trade partners that's part of a project for data-driven safety and productivity insights.

The new portfolio-level workforce management solution is your single source of truth for onboarding, centralizing, and managing worker information for data-driven insights across all your projects.

new portfolio level feature

Portfolio-Level Workforce Management Solution

The portfolio-level workforce management feature helps centralize worker information across multiple projects for seamless access and insights.

The portfolio feature aims to improve management of employees and trade partner information between multiple projects so jobsites can stay safe and productive. Decision-makers can now save time and money feeling confident moving forward through data-driven insights. 

portfolio level screenshots

Portfolio Feature Highlights:

  • Centralize your entire portfolio of projects and workforces
  • Access and manage necessary certifications & documents
  • Create worker profiles for repeat projects
  • Manage resources proactively with the right skills 
  • Get real-time actionable insights on worker location 
  • Unlock enterprise-level user permissions and settings

Safety Feature Highlights:

  • New Safety Audit Feature - record all alerts and notifications
  • Get notifications if a worker enters a project and are not assigned to any project

Learn how to streamline and repeat project success with a portfolio-level workforce management solution. See how you can unlock the new feature within the platform today.

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