Part II: can you see productivity on the job site? -

May 11, 2022
5 Min
Part II: can you see productivity on the job site? -
“Having a bird’s-eye-view of your site sounds cool- but how exactly does it help the bottom line? In this series, we’ll provide you with a detailed overview of how location awareness works to keep workers safer, schedules tighter, and costs lower.”

Part 2: How zoning makes you more productive

Task/Zone-based productivity – Integrating tasks in a project schedule with zones/locations

A simple way of measuring productivity on your project is through creating zone-based tasks and assigning them to the location in plans. We can then allocate these tasks to the employees under different companies based on the cost code.

  • When uploading a floor plan to the platform you can create zones to differentiate based on phases, cost code, location, etc. These zones can then be linked to the tasks in a project schedule.
  • Add tasks to your project and assign them dates by clicking on the schedule icon on the left ribbon. These tasks can then be linked to various locations in the plan.
  •  To add tasks – you can either import a schedule from primavera, MS Project, spreadsheets, or you can click on the add icon on the right corner of the screen.
  • Once imported, double click on the task and a side window will appear which will allow you to assign dates, percentage completed, locations safety, etc. Click on dates and responsibilities and select the cost code and location for the task.
Employee table
  • Once assigned, click on done and open the teams and resources page. Go to the employee tab and assign the cost code to the workers who would be working in that area.
  • You can now compare the planned vs actual hours for the tasks/zone and how much time your workforce is spending in the designated zones. We synthesize this information and datasets into easy-to-read graphical dashboards that allow executives to make proactive decisions in their projects and mitigate any delays.

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