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Platform Update Notes: April 2023 -

April 13, 2023
5 min
Platform Update Notes: April 2023 -

Every month, our team provides updates to our platform. The updates support smoother workflows and navigation for users.

Based on customer feedback, the platform updates will allow for easier access to workforce information and customization.

Some updates below take effect the moment they are implemented, and others may require scheduled updates.

April 2023 update notes:

Daily insights page UX/UI updates- Employee page

Tentative Release - End of April

  • Better filters to identify important information in the platform
  • Filter by worker information such as company, cost code, crew, etc.
  • Filter by site status such as flagged, online, etc and warning status such as documents expired, background check, etc.
filter view
  • Option to set preferred layout/view
  • Option to mark a page as favorite - modify user journey so when they open a project it will take them directly to the pinned page
  • Edit columns to customize the information that is more valuable to each customer
  • View Key statistics for a project and each worker
  • Add comments to worker logs
  • View worker profile and make changes directly
  • View any critical alerts on a worker such as expired documents, safety audit, etc.
  • Customize and download your own report

Check In page - standalone application for security personnel 

Tentative Release - End of April

  • We are releasing a new single page application to support only those users engaged in the check in process.  It is targeted to a tablet interface but design will be responsive to both phone and desktop form factors.
  • Security guards will have a dedicated check-in/out page. Security guards will not have access to any other functionality on the platform and can filter as per each gate.
  • Worker cards will show real-time check in information of a worker when they cross a gate. Each worker card will show status if a worker was flagged or safety alerts.

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