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Platform Update Notes: Feb 2023 -

January 30, 2023
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Platform Update Notes: Feb 2023 -

Platform Update Notes: Feb 2023

The Kwant team has been working hard to bring you a few new platform update releases soon.

Based on customer feedback, the platform updates will support smoother workflows and navigation for users, allowing for easier access to workforce information and customization. 

Here you will find the latest updates and fixes that address multiple workflows related to Kwant and the Kwant platform. Some updates below take effect the moment they are implemented and the others may require scheduled updates. 

February 2023 update notes:

  • Improved UI
improved UI
  • Add & customize workforce workflows
add custom workflows
  • View flagged & unauthorized workers easier on the platform
view flagged or unauthorized workers
  • Improved workforce information navigation (view page/tab on right navigation bar)
  • Improved search filters (ex: search unassigned values or multiple)
  • Faster page load time
  • Improved safety alert view by a worker, resolve and comment in alerts. (View any safety alert associated with a worker for easy followup.)
improve worker safety alerts and views
Company/resources page:
  • Easily add and manage your subcontractors/trade partners similar to your workforce
manage contractors and companies
  • Easily add and manage certificates or licenses like COI. Track expirations and send reminders to to managers for fast followup time updating certifications
add and manage certifications screenshot
  • Monitor workforces easier from each company/trade partners. Understand any critical remarks, pending orientations and safety reviews.
monitor workforce screenshot
  • Add comments for each company/trade partners
add comments screenshots
Daily workforce email:
  • Revised daily workforce summary email for better visualization of your site KPI’s
  • Compare with yesterday and understand change percent
  • Analyze your wearable inventory
Additional features:
  • Search and merge multiple companies to a project faster
  • Assign POC (point of contact) to receive alerts easier 
  • Upload companies and workers by bulk

If you have any questions about the latest updates, please contact 

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