Top 4 Key Benefits of Certification Management Software in Construction

March 8, 2024
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Top 4 Key Benefits of Certification Management Software in Construction

What is a certification management software? 

Certification management software plays a unique role in streamlining the key processes surrounding the certification or credentialing of people, namely that they have certain knowledge or skills in a profession.

Certificate management is the process of monitoring, processing, and executing every process in a certificate’s lifecycle.

Certification management software also allows project managers to easily manage their certification of workers and are notified when expired certifications are approaching.

Certification management software is very advantageous in the construction and industrial sector for many reasons. 

Where access control systems often regulate and monitor foot traffic, like ins-and-outs of project sites, when construction access control systems are paired with certification management software, general contractors are able to prevent any unqualified workers from entering the jobsite.

This approach also helps secure better insurance premiums, promotes safer work environments, and eliminates risk of non-compliant related fines. 

Learn more about Kwant’s access control system here.

So what are the top 4 benefits to implementing a certification management software? Let’s take a look.

1. Reducing paperwork and manual processes

Most information we read and receive now are mostly in digital format. Everything from bills, to articles, to how we communicate. Unlike other industries, construction has been a little slower in adopting digital technology to streamline processes. 

Manual printing is costly: 

  • Document management - studies show that there is an annual cost every time your company holds onto physical documents. 
  • Ink - Clocking in and out, depending on the ounce, your printer ink is very expensive.
  • Printers - Although the cost of printers have gone down for home use, many industrial printers can cost upwards of $8K - $200K. 

These are just some of the hard costs. Filing cabinets, and other items are often forgotten when creating a budget for filing. By digitizing your paperwork and processes, you can reduce a major line item cost in your company.

Reducing manual processes also helps you focus on the important parts of your job rather than the remedial, time consuming parts. 

2. Manage multiple certifications and re certifications with alerts/notifications

It is safe to assume that it is the responsibility of our workforce to re certify when needed, and management has to stay on top of it. The construction industry has many certifications to adhere to like (OSHA 10, OSHA 30), there is also (First Aid, CPR), and job-related certifications like (ACI Concrete, Crane Operator licenses and more.)

At any time of the day, employees are required to have some or all of these certifications to be allowed to work on the project site. On average, there are six certifications per worker, so managing multiple certifications at once can be very hectic. 

When using certification management software, it is easy to keep up with recertifications and notifying employees when it is time. With certification management software, you can set custom expiration notifications based on each certification, so that you always have adequate time to coordinate and schedule renewals with your workers.

3. Access documents anytime, anywhere, & share

One of the main reasons we digitize certifications is that we can document, track and stow away in case of an emergency or when needed.

Sharing documents with others is a frequent requirement in construction, so having certifications readily available is crucial to complete the job. Many General Contractors, Construction Managers, Regulators Officers, and Insurance issuers will request documents of your workforce. 

One of the greater challenges with certifications in construction is that most states require workers to have valid certifications of their team members, or to be stored with project managers on-site, otherwise it is deemed the same as not having a valid certification at all.

Certifications management software can help eliminate the stress of document sharing by making certifications readily available for every employee you manage. Also, most management softwares provide links to be shared which will display the individual's work profile or a team-wide view of certifications so that management can gain insights for better decision-making. 

4. Strengthen & uphold compliance standards

Certification management software supports many aspects of compliance like record-keeping, automated tracking of certifications, regulatory update notifications, role-based access control, and integrates with other training programs. 

By leveraging these features, certification management software helps construction companies strengthen and uphold compliance regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties and enhancing overall safety and quality on the job site.

Next steps - How to get started

Using Kwant to manage your construction workforce certifications offers a streamlined and efficient approach to ensuring compliance and safety on the job site. Kwant's platform provides a centralized database for all certification-related information, allowing for easy tracking, management of worker qualifications, and meeting compliance standards.

Learn more about Kwant and how you can get started today with a personalized demo.

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