Understanding AI in Construction -

January 10, 2024
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Understanding AI in Construction -

AI has been a prominent solution for many individuals, industries, and organizations, but how do we navigate through all the technology and advancements within recent years? This blog will be your helper guide in understanding new ways to hardness AI in your workflow process on construction projects.

What is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence (AI) is slice of computer science that creating systems and machines that perform tasks as a human level. The tasks one can receive through AI are many, such as solving problems, perception, language, and creativity.

The growth of AI has raised many moral and ethical questions, but at the end of the day, AI is a tool to enhance problem-solving and the ability to think outside the box. Currently, solutions like ChatGPT and other AI-based search results are more commonly used AI solutions.

Below are a list of straightforward examples of how AI is currently used in construction. Take a moment to dive in and check out new innovations coming to industrial-related industries. 

predictive analytics in construction

Enhancing Project Outcomes with Predictive Analytics

What is predictive analytics?  It is when AI algorithms analyze historical data to predict future outcomes in construction projects. This includes forecasting project delays, cost overruns, and potential risks, enabling better planning and resource allocation. 

Now that AI is on the construction landscape, many companies are utilizing AI to enhance accuracy of information, get real-time analysis, resource optimization, identify hidden patterns, scale easier, run risk assessments which eventually lead to cost savings.

Automated BIM

Accelerating Automated Design + BIM 

How is AI utilized in automated design and BIM? Currently, AI enhances BIM by automating design processes, offering optimized building designs based on specified criteria, and simulating various scenarios for better planning and construction.

Historically, BIM has had it’s ups and downs throughout recent years due to many technological advancements, but now that AI is embedded within technology solutions, BIM just got a lot more fun. 

AI with drones

Capturing Visual Data with Drones + Robots

How is AI utilized in drones and robots? Robots and drones, powered by AI, are used for tasks like surveying, mapping, and inspecting construction sites. They improve accuracy and speed while reducing human risk in dangerous or hard-to-reach areas.

With AI now involved with drones and other robots, companies can get benefits like enhanced surveying and mapping, real-time monitoring for inspections, equipment and resource track, gain accurate data collection, and also thermal imaging. Companies like Openspace use this very well.

Video inspections with AI

Supporting Image + Video Site Analysis Inspections

AI-powered image and video analytics tools are used for real-time monitoring of construction sites. They help in detecting safety hazards, monitoring progress, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

With AI now involved, you can gain automated image and video analysis, real-time monitoring, defect detection, progress monitoring, risk assessments, and simplified documentation. 

Inventory management with AI

Predicting Needs with Inventory Management

AI systems predict and manage inventory needs, optimize logistics, and ensure timely material availability, reducing delays and cost overruns.

Some of the areas AI is supporting include demand forecasting, automated recording, warehouse optimization, better supply chain visibility, predictive maintenance, quality control, fraud detection, and the obvious cost reduction being integrated with IoT. 

smart badge and watches with AI

Saving Lives with Smart Badges and Wearables 

AI-integrated wearables, like hard hat tags and smart badges, can monitor worker movement, health, or safety features like real-time monitoring, fall detection, SOS/emergency response alerting, or proximity detection, while providing insights and alerts in real time.

Companies like Kwant support these initiatives well in construction and manufacturing with their smart badges. Companies like Apple support these initiatives within healthcare and the general public well with their Apple watches. 

Facial recognition with AI

Strengthening Security with Facial Recognition

Facial recognition has been around for some time now, but with AI on top, things are a little different. Enhancing site security is becoming top priority each year and AI-driven facial recognition systems control access to construction sites, ensuring only authorized personnel are on-site.

With AI now integrated with facial recognition, some of the benefits include enhanced security, fraud detection, improved safety, supports streamlining access control, enhances the user experience, provides automated attendance, strengthens authentications within devices, and helps provide more data to work with. 

Chatbots with AI

Enhancing Customer Service and Chatbots

AI-powered chatbots in construction can help in numerous ways, like assisting in customer engagement, answering queries related to construction projects, and providing updates to stakeholders.

AI chatbots are a cost-effective solution for customer service and provide a capable way of managing numerous customer inquiries autonomously. Having this solution in place helps reduce the need for wasted intervention and associated costs.

Curious to learn more about the latest technology shaping the future of construction? Reach out to Kwant today for an in-depth demo on potential solutions that can support your construction projects.

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