Kwant ai raises $4M to revolutionize workforce management
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Protect your workforce with safety wearables & automate incident response

Every second counts when an incident occurs. Protect your workforce using the Kwant smart wearables and ensure faster safety response time.

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Protect your workforce & automate incident management with real-time data
Reduced saftey response time
CO2 air detect

Our workforce deserves quality safety wearables

Industry-leading wearable sensors built for safety and privacy.
Data-point collected per second
Reduced incident response time
Harmful chemicals detected
Protect your workforce in any environment with smart wearable badges

Protect your workforce in any environment with smart wearable badges

The benefits of smart wearables are limitless on an industrial jobsite. Keep your workforce safe in dangerous environments. Read about our workforce privacy.
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Fall detection
sos alert icon
Instant SOS alerts
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Acts as an ID card
certification icon
Holds certifications
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Restrict access
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Keep your team safe for better results

We're here to support you and your team with safety solutions built for any environment.
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Real time fall detection
Real time fall detection
Contact-less access control
Contact-less access control
Instant SOS alerts
Instant SOS alerts
Catch near-misses
Catch near-misses
Evacuation and Mustering Alerts
Evacuation & mustering alerts
Environmental Hazards
Environmental hazards

Project managers love us

Project Manager
"Safety features for worker safety is a huge plus on large projects where manpower is spread all throughout the property!"

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