Protect your workforce with smart safety wearables

Stay proactive and reactive with safety using Kwant's smart safety wearables.

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Protect your workforce & automate incident management with real-time data
excavate jobsite

A safe jobsite leads to positive project outcomes

Learn about smart safety wearables and tags for the field.
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Manage safety certifications & trainings
Gather, centralize, and manage every worker certification.
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Unlock real-time safety alerts & notifications
Improve incident response time using real-time sensors
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Instantly detect harmful chemicals
Detect different types of harmful chemicals in the air
Protect your workforce in any environment with smart wearable badges

Smart safety badges built tough for any environment

The benefits of smart wearables are intrinsically safe devices and ATEX certified. Keep your workforce safe in dangerous environments.
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Work ID card
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Fall detection
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SOS button alerts
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Near-miss detection
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Restrict high-risk zones
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Access control sync
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Keep teams safe for better results

Create and streamline the safety culture you want starting with your workforce.
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Real time fall detection
Real-time fall detection
Contact-less access control
Access control system
Instant SOS alerts
SOS button alerts
Catch near-misses
Near-miss detection
Evacuation and Mustering Alerts
Mass SMS safety alerts
Environmental Hazards
Environmental hazard detection

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Project Manager
"Safety features for worker safety is a huge plus on large projects where manpower is spread all throughout the property!"

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