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Let's talk about the future of workforce management - productivity, safety, and compliance.

Kwant launched the a brand new Kwant 2.0 and Workforce Operating System (wOS).

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    Construction management solutions built for your needs

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    Take ownership of your portfolio & streamline repeatable success.
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    General contractors
    Deliver projects on time by managing workforces & assets.
    speciality contractor
    Speciality contractors
    Connect your team on the field to deliver real-time project success.
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    Manage projects by trade and forecast efficiently.

    The Kwant workforce management & safety platform enables owners, general contractors, and specialty contractors to manage their employees and projects while mitigating risk. Keep up with compliance standards by managing and centralizing employee certifications & licenses with ease.
    Features & benefits

    The workforce management & safety platform for construction

    Build faster and smarter with a workforce management solution made for construction. Learn how you can do more with less.
    Workforce Management
    Manage your workforce and trade partners no matter the project and location.
    Store certifications
    Material Tracking & Management
    Track and manage materials from site to site.
    ID card
    Equipment Tracking & Management
    Track and manage equipment, vehicles, and tools from one platform.
    Fall detection
    Project Financials
    Manage project budgets and payroll accurately with reliable data from the field.
    Build analytics
    Ai-Based Predictive Analytics
    Build powerful project analytics from the field in real time. Compare past projects to present.
    Instant SOS alerts
    BIM & Scheduling
    Gain real-time planning, 5D work-in-place, and automate planning.
    Location awareness
    Real-Time Location
    Know who should be on the jobsite at all times. Unlock heatmaps & other tools.
    Restricting access
    Quality & Safety
    Enhance worker and jobsite safety with a suite of safety solutions.

    Words from our customers

    Project Owner
    "Putting new technology in the hands of the owner and GC that help better manage jobsites. Powerful platform with lots of potentials that could change the way we see construction."