What is access control and why its important for construction site ?

June 24, 2024
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What is access control and why its important for construction site ?

What is Access Control?

Access control refers to regulating and restricting access to physical and digital resources. It involves determining who can access specific resources, under what conditions, and for what purposes.

Implementing access control on construction sites is crucial for maintaining safety and security and ensuring smooth and efficient operations. By effectively controlling access, construction companies safeguard the well-being of their workers and protect valuable equipment and materials. It helps minimize the risk of accidents and comply with regulatory standards.

Kwant access control on construction sites manages who can enter various physical areas throughout the project. It guarantees that only authorized individuals like employees, suppliers, contractors, and visitors can access the site, buildings, or specific rooms at any given time.

5 Types of Access Control Technology in Market

Access control technologies encompass a variety of methods and systems used to regulate and manage access to physical and digital resources. Here are some key types of access control technologies:

  • Key Card Systems: Utilizes encoded cards for access control, granting entry when presented to card readers.
  • Biometric Access Control: Verifies identity using unique physical traits like fingerprints or iris patterns for accurate authentication.
  • Facial Recognition: Identifies individuals by analyzing facial features captured by cameras, providing touchless access and enhancing security.
  • Mobile Access Control: Turns smartphones into digital keys for unlocking doors or gates using mobile apps and wireless technology.
  • Turnstile Systems: Uses rotating gates to control passage, often integrated with access control systems to regulate entry and exit efficiently.

5 Benefits of Construction Access Control on your construction site

Access control technology offers numerous benefits that enhance operational management and safeguard assets in construction sites. Here are the key benefits of using access control technologies on the construction site:

  • Workforce Visibility: Access control systems provide real-time visibility of workforce presence on-site. It allows project managers and supervisors to monitor the whereabouts of workers, contractors, and visitors, ensuring that only authorized individuals are on-site at any given time.
  • Remote Site Management: Access control allows project managers to remotely manage construction sites. They can oversee access logs, manage permissions, and even implement site lockdowns from a distance. This capability reduces the necessity of physical presence on-site and streamlines operations. Through remote access, companies can manage multiple locations from one location and be flexible on-site. 
  • Enhance site security: Controlling access points throughout the construction site improves security and enhances the experience for everyone at the location. Companies can also send alerts to employees and notify them in case of any emergencies.
  • Automate Worker Attendance: Instead of relying on manual sign-in sheets, Kwant automates attendance using turnstile and access control software, eliminating bottlenecks at entrances. This automation provides accurate records of worker check-in and check-out times, reducing manual errors and simplifying payroll processing. 
  • Reporting and Analytics: Access control systems offer construction companies invaluable benefits in reporting and analytics by merging hardware and software to provide real-time data and digital transparency.  Incorporating AI-based technology improves these systems with predictive analytics, offering insights into access patterns and operational trends. Kwant provides automated real-time field data for accuracy and consistency.

How does Kwant AI access control installation work?

Access control installation in the construction industry typically involves several key steps. Here are the Kwant's installation process steps:

  • Site Assessment: A Kwant representative will work with you to assess your specific needs and design a customized access control plan for your construction site.
  • Equipment Installation: Kwant technicians will install the biometrics, turnstiles, card readers, badges, and other necessary hardware at designated entry points. 
  • System Configuration: The Kwant system will be configured with access levels, user permissions, and safety protocols tailored to your project.
  • Worker Training: Kwant provides training for your workers on how to use the access control system and their smart badges.
  • Ongoing Support: Kwant offers ongoing support to ensure your system runs smoothly and to address any questions or concerns you may have.

What are Osha construction safety checklist?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration also known as OSHA sets rules and standards to ensure safety at construction sites. Their checklist outlines essential safety measures that must be followed to prevent accidents and injuries. Construction work is inherently risky so employers must prioritize safety. 

If the companies fail to meet these standards can lead to serious consequences, including substantial fines, worker injuries, and operational disruptions. Therefore, every employer and contractor must prioritize OSHA compliance to safeguard both personnel and project integrity.

Here is the OSHA construction safety checklist:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Ensure appropriate PPE such as Hard hats, safety glasses, or face shields is provided and used.
  • Scaffold Safety Measures: Use guardrails, mid rails, safety nets, and fall protection systems. Inspect it before each shift.
  • Ladders/Stairways: Inspect the ladder for stability and condition before use, place it on a stable surface, and extend 3 feet above the landing.
  • Electrical Cords/Tools: Establishes safety requirements for electrical installations. Requirements cover electrical installations, wiring methods, equipment, and grounding.
  • Fire Protection: On-site fire suppression systems and personnel training on fire prevention and emergency response for diverse hazards like combustibles and flammables.
  • Medical services: Ensures workplace access to medical care, general medical consultation, visible emergency numbers, and accessible, replenished first aid kits in each work area.

Use Kwant AI Access control software for construction sites

Kwant AI offers innovative easy-to-install access control and turnstiles solutions for construction sites to enhance safety and efficiency. The access control software is complemented by heatmaps and turnstiles, ensuring a secure environment. Kwant’s technology streamlines site safety through contactless systems and turnstile options. It makes it easier to manage the flow of personnel and reduce the risk of vandalism and theft.

Benefits of using Kwant’s access control:

  • Automated Credential Monitoring: Effortlessly manage worker certifications such as OSHA and SST, with automated alerts for expirations, ensuring only compliant personnel are on-site.
  • Facial Recognition for Verification: AI-powered biometrics like facial recognition improve site security by accurately automating and verifying workers' identities. It mitigates the risks of accidents, vandalism, theft, and identity fraud on the site. 
  • Efficient Worker Headcount: Automate attendance tracking to improve accuracy and operational efficiency, eliminating entrance bottlenecks. Kwant access control tracks the entry and exit times of the workers and contractors.
  • Jobsite compliance: Kwant access control maintains safety regulations effortlessly, reducing heavy fines and liabilities. 
  • Comprehensive Safety Audits: Conduct thorough safety audits and enforce strict protocols confidently, safeguarding personnel and project integrity. 
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Access real-time insights and analytics through a user-friendly dashboard. It assigns proactive decision-making and predictive safety measures.
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Top 3 Access Control Software for Construction

Kwant AI

Kwant AI is a workforce management and safety platform that utilizes IoT devices and software to accelerate construction by providing real-time safety and productivity measures. It offers innovative access control solutions tailored for construction sites. Kwant automates attendance without the need for traditional turnstiles, headcounts, or sign-in sheets, thus eliminating bottlenecks at entrances. Their system utilizes smart badges and software to streamline site safety, providing heatmaps and turnstile options to enhance security measures.

Other features of Kwant AI are: 

  • Real-time insights, alerts, and analytics on projects
  • Automate construction daily reports 
  • Smart badges with real-time headcount automation
  • Compliance management includes tracking certificates and licenses

Smart Barrel

Smart Barrel is a software that offers a biometric access control specifically for construction sites. It utilizes AI-powered biometric facial verification to enhance site security. The system is easy to set up and can be operational in less than five minutes, with the ability to connect seamlessly to turnstile or maglock access points. 

Smart Barrel provides comprehensive CYA (Cover-Your-Ass) reports by automatically logging and verifying every worker that enters and leaves the site, ensuring only authorized personnel have access and improving overall workforce management.

Other features of Smart Barrel:

  • Automate your construction time tracking
  • Real-time headcounts
  • Cost Tracking / Productivity
  • Construction Manpower Tracking


Eyrus offers a comprehensive access control platform designed specifically for construction operations teams to monitor real-time activity across project sites. The platform provides flexible zoning, layered security, and a visibility app to manage data effectively, ensuring that the right information is accessible to the right person at all times. 

Eyrus NFC-based badges and a real-time dashboard allow for secure access management and insights into site logistics. It offers a versatile solution for construction companies looking to enhance security and operational efficiency. Eyrus access control fits any site and controls and restricts access for 100% of workers.

Other features of Eyrus

  • Worker registration and onboarding
  • Automate time and attendance
  • Video monitoring
  • Evacuation and Mustering
  • Daily reporting

Want to Know More About Access Control for Construction?

As the construction industry undergoes a digital revolution, Kwant's access control systems are the key to unlocking a future of enhanced safety and maximized productivity. Kwant innovative solutions offer seamless integration of smart badges, turnstiles, and advanced biometrics like facial recognition to ensure only authorized personnel access sensitive areas. Its features include touchless access control, remote access and monitoring, reporting and analysis, employee identification, certifications management, immediate notifications, and full accountings.

Ready to enhance site safety and streamline operations for your next construction project? Request a free demo today and discover how Kwant can elevate your construction site management. Safeguard your workforce and optimize productivity with Kwant AI.

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