What is facial recognition and why is it Important for construction sites?

May 28, 2024
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What is facial recognition and why is it Important for construction sites?

In today’s construction sector, providing optimal safety and security for your workers and assets is paramount. Construction sites are complex ecosystems with activity, machinery, and a diverse workforce.

Traditional security procedures, such as the signing of papers manually by workers, are outdated in the context of modern construction projects. These methods often lead to inefficiencies and inaccuracies in record-keeping. Upgrading to facial recognition systems can enhance efficiency and reliability.

Kwant AI, in its upgraded version Kwant 2.0, has introduced an additional facial recognition feature. This feature is part of our access control system for construction sites, which is designed to enhance site security with AI-powered biometrics. 

What is Facial Recognition?

Facial recognition is an enhanced form of a biometric system that identifies an individual based on the facial structure. It operates by analyzing patterns, shapes, and proportions of a person's face. This information is then matched with other similar images through the use of algorithms in a database.

Further, it provides simple and touchless access control without the need for additional authentication. It also saves on the expenses of issuing, replacing, and maintaining physical access cards. FR enables monitoring and making reports about the progress of a construction site.

Facial recognition technology has been made tremendously better by the recent enhancements in artificial intelligence, especially deep learning. Such complex computer systems are capable of performing enhanced facial analysis much faster and more accurately as compared to earlier systems. Therefore, FR is a very secure and dependable form of identification as well as access control on construction sites.

Why Construction Sites Need Facial Recognition?

Construction sites frequently face security problems, including destruction, theft, and unauthorized access. Traditional security measures are not sufficient to minimize these risks in many cases. 

One of the problems with traditional methods such as ID cards is they can be misplaced or lost, also manual attendance tracking can be prone to human error and is time-consuming.  Additionally, it’s possible that ID cards can be used by someone else, but this challenge is eliminated by using facial recognition. With facial recognition, you can ensure that only the designated person can access your secure site through the use of their face.

Construction sites are starting to put facial recognition technology into full use to enhance security and smooth operations. A construction company can use the integration of facial recognition systems to make sure that only individuals who are authorized reach the construction zone. It significantly reduces the risk of theft and intrusion. 

Kwant AI, a leader in access control biometrics, and workers’ safety is our number one priority. Kwant’s drive to introduce facial recognition technology also prioritizes process streamlining, thus enhancing productivity on building sites.

Facial recognition verifies workers' identities, tracks attendance, and enforces safety regulations. Integration with security systems improves overall site safety and security.

Top 5 Benefits of implementing Kwant AI’s Facial Recognition 

Get ready to enhance site safety, and security, and verify your workforce with facial recognition – all powered by Kwant 2.0.Here are all the benefits of Kwant's access control and facial recognition system:

  • Mitigate safety risks: Using the facial recognition feature helps to reduce the risk of accidents occurring on a job site with the right skilled workers on the job. It proactively addresses any potential bottlenecks and operational challenges that may arise during peak work times. 
  • Strengthen site security with AI-powered biometrics: Utilize Kwant's advanced facial recognition to drastically enhance site security. Implementing this technology effectively mitigates risks such as vandalism, theft, and identity fraud, ensuring a safer and more secure environment for your workforce.
  • Automate and verify attendance: Kwant's advanced FR system offers precise and instant attendance tracking capabilities, automating the recording of worker entry and exit times. This automation simplifies payroll management and enhances accuracy, reducing potential human errors associated with manual data entry. It helps to save 10 hr/week from manual logging.
  • Easy Face authentication: Kwant's easy facial authentication provides a user-friendly method for accessing workspaces. It allows you to customize a pleasant and efficient work environment tailored to the specific needs and operational dynamics of your site. 
  • Functions In Every Environment: The Kwant system is designed to work seamlessly in various kinds of environments and can match up to 6,000 faces in under 0.3 seconds. It performs well in both total darkness and strong light settings, and its IP66 certification ensures long-term durability. 
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Disadvantages of Not Utilizing Facial Recognition on the Construction Site

Although we have discussed the benefits of implementing facial recognition on a construction site, let's now consider the potential drawbacks of not utilizing this technology.Here's how the lack of facial recognition can cause inefficiencies and security issues:

Increase Security Risks

Construction sites have the potential for theft or other malicious activities such as vandalism or unauthorized activities. Traditional forms of access control such as ID cards, keys, and key card check-ins are not secure due to lost ID cards, human error, and ways of bypassing such systems.

Such issues lead to financial losses and delays in resolving. Facial recognition technology is the most secure and efficient way of allowing access or monitoring entry/exit and enhanced site security.

Inaccurate Attendance Tracking

Manual attendance tracking methods are not only time-consuming but also prone to errors and manipulation. Sometimes, employees are allowed to clock in on behalf of other employees. It is commonly known as buddy punching, and this distorts the records of employees' working hours. 

Furthermore, these inefficiencies are some of the issues that hamper both workforce management and payroll. It leads to issues such as overstaffing or understaffing, which has consequences for the project budget and duration.

Unproductive Workforce Management

Workforce management information should be real and up-to-date to enable proper management of employees. If facial recognitions are not integrated, the site manager cannot easily determine people on-site or exactly what role they perform. The lack of adequate data to allocate and track tasks leads to decreased efficiency and can result in project failure.

Accident Identification and Investigation

For accident detection and investigation in the construction industry, facial recognition technology is essential. It quickly identifies any personnel that was present during an accident or security breach, and hence makes it easier to investigate. It helps in increasing accountability and also in preventing actions because there is clear evidence of who was present at the scene of the incident.

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How does Kwant AI’s Facial Recognition Works? 

Kwant is intelligent workforce management and safety software designed for construction companies. Their solution provides analytical data and alerts, predicting analytics, a fall detector, a mass communication system, fatigue management, and other features.

Kwant’s facial recognition technology is now being used on construction sites as a different way to apply access control and safety. The process begins with the side’s registration of the workers, where their facial structures are identified and protected from the sharing of random data.

When the worker enters the gate, the camera takes the picture and uses deep learning to cross-check it with the database. If the program successfully locates a result, the approval is given immediately.

Kwant has integrated ZkTeco’s solution and technology into its platform to incorporate them. ZKTeco is a popular company in the global market regarded for technologies in the identification processes such as biometric identification and facial recognition.

Kwant connects to ZKTeco’s facial recognition system to apply facial recognition technologies as identification and security systems for construction sites to determine the identity of the individuals in different sections in real time.


Kwant has added facial recognition technology to its robust construction access control suite, which is a game-changing technology for modern construction site management. 

Through biometric AI, Kwant is revolutionizing access control protocols, and therefore, is enhancing safety, security, and operational efficiency within industries.

Kwant AI's face recognition works by capturing the pictures of the workers, securely storing their identities in the database, and then verifying their identity through deep learning neural networks, when the employees enter the construction site. 

Through Kwant, construction firms are enabled to use facial recognition for automatic attendance verification and obtain worker details that stimulate data-driven decision-making.

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