How Smart Badges Save General Contractors Time by Automating Headcount on Construction Sites

May 26, 2023
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How Smart Badges Save General Contractors Time by Automating Headcount on Construction Sites

Construction sites are busy, dangerous, and cool at the same time. As contractors build amazing structures, there needs to be a better way we can support our workforce on the field.

There are many pockets of inefficiencies in construction, but our and workforce management has many loose ends when it comes to safety and productivity, so we want to be there for them when it matters. 

Smart badges used in construction provide safety and productivity support to general contractors for their workforce. Many contractors today use smart safety badges to keep their workforce safe and keep jobsites productive with features like automated headcount from real-time location with smart sensors. 

Headcount management is a very important part of construction management and technology can help. Knowing how many workers are on site at any given time is a very valuable tool.

You can make sure each and every employee is trained and equipped with the right tools for the project location. Manual headcount management is a slow and inefficient practice.

This can be costly because it requires someone to manually track workers as they come and go then keep records of their training/experiences. 

Smart badges offer a premium solution to automating manual processes like headcount management. Smart badges like Kwant are small, compact wearables that have built-in safety features like SOS alerts, fall detection, high risk zone alerts, and sync with access control.

Smart badges use real-time location information and relay the location of your employee to a centralized, easy-to-use software so management can follow up. 

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How smart badges automate headcount management on construction sites

Smart badges use real-time location

When each construction employee and visitor enters a work site, they are provided a smart ID badge and are now within the system for the general contractor to view. 

Each smart badge can use either Bluetooth or GPS location tracking in the zone needed. Real-time location is the art of automatically locating an object in real time. RTLS is a very valuable asset when it comes to safety and productivity.

Smart badges can verify certifications

When construction employees use smart badges, their certifications and documents are centralized and connected to an insights software and can directly tie in with access control.

Contractors can flag employees with expired licenses or certifications and notify when it is time to renew for compliance and safety.

Smart badges have built-in safety features

Smart badges use real-time location and provide built-in safety features that support worker productivity and protection. Smart badges like Kwant provide features like SOS button alerts, fall detection, high-risk zone alerts, and ties with turnstiles and access control as well.

Benefits of automating headcount management with smart badges

Improves efficiencies

When contractors automate worker headcount on construction sites using smart badges, they are saving time and resources. By saving these two valuables, employees can free up time for other tasks, such as planning or executing projects.

Using real-time location from the smart badges allows for stronger accuracy and better automation when it comes to knowing who is on-site all the time. 

Improves scheduling

Once contractors are able to automate their worker headcount on jobsites, many doors open, especially when it comes to scheduling. When automating worker headcount with smart badges, you can ensure the right number of workers are in a specific work location on the jobsite.

This will help reduce costs over time when scheduling shifts and ensure that projects are met on-time. Automating worker headcount also allows contractors a way to move fast and be flexible with scheduling. Over time, contractors are can compare past vs present schedules and forecast accurately.

Reduces costs

When you use smart badges by Kwant, contractors are able to reduce costs associated with managing worker headcount information like payroll or work hours.

By eliminating manual data entry using real-time location on the smart wearables, contractors and their team can reduce the need of wasting time on remedial tasks and focus on the bigger ones.

Another great example is the use of time. A company can reduce manual processes by as much as 10-20 hours per week. Tie that in with payroll and work hours and you just saved some costs.

Improves safety

Smart badges have built-in safety features that support indoor and outdoor location protection for our employees and trade partners.

Each smart badge allows for real-time location and provides valuable safety features like fall detection, SOS button alerts, high-risk zone alerts, and syncs with turnstiles.

If an incident occurs, management is instantly alerted and can follow up within seconds. You can also make sure your employees are trained and experienced using smart badges through the certification management feature. 

Improves compliance

By automating headcount, general contractors are allowed to follow labor laws and regulations within states without stress.

This can be achieved through having accurate data ready to present at all times. Ensuring worker headcount is very crucial to managing worker hours, and knowing when certifications are expired is another important follow-up when it comes to compliance. 

Try smart badges on your next project

It is never too late to try out new technologies when it comes to improving safety and productivity within your organization. Construction sites can be very efficient at times, and sometimes support can help in many different ways, like automating headcount management for jobsites. 

Kwant is a workforce management & safety solution using a mix of software and hardware services for owners and general contractors. Using a mix of smart badges, plug-and-play sensors, Kwant helps capture insights through a workforce analytics platform. Now, general contractors can streamline efficiencies when it comes to workforce safety and jobsite productivity. 

Request a free demo today! Learn about smart badges and see all the features you can unlock like automated worker headcount on construction sites.

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