What is workforce management for construction -

January 23, 2023
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What is workforce management for construction -

Knowing how each construction project and worker within that jobsite performs with data-driven insights can be very difficult to achieve.

Having the right information shown in front of you in real time can help reduce and optimize some of the friction that comes with overall project delays and cost expenditures. What type of information is the right information that will move the project forward?

One approach to repeat project success is managing your workforce efficiently based on skill and trade management. With the skilled labor shortage continuously lurking for many contractors and owners, having the right technology, tools, and resources in place to enhance and nurture valuable laborers is a great asset.

Having a portfolio-level workforce management solution is unique for contractors and owners that work on multiple projects. After implementing a portfolio-level workforce management solution, over time, productivity, and safety will rise across all jobsites, and operational success can repeat at different locations.

What is workforce management for construction?

Workforce management in construction is a set of processes contractors and owners use to direct employees and trade partner teams to be in the right places at the right times in order to reduce risks and maximize productivity.

Today, many contractors use technology platforms like Kwant to help relieve workforce management headaches when managing multiple construction projects.

There are many benefits to understanding workforce management outside of saving time and money for your projects. Due to the competitive nature of finding skilled tradespersons, having the right technology in place that can support workforce management & initiatives is extremely important for keeping talent.

Gathering & centralizing actionable data from multiple projects

There are many types of information necessary to move the needle forward in a construction project. It can be very hard to keep up with all the information and safety certifications necessary when you don’t have the best helping hand.

Having the right tools and technology streamlines processes and information for any project vertical. Many systems don’t speak to one another and relay information, so it is critical to centralize information into one central location for easy access from any department.

Below are some important pieces of information necessary to obtain for a construction project.

Important project information to capture and centralize:

  • Cash flow and procurement accounts for each organization
  • Intermediate analysis results during planning and design
  • Design documents, including drawings and specifications
  • Construction schedules and cost estimates
  • Quality control and assurance records
  • Chronological files of project correspondence and memorandum
  • Construction field activity and inspection logs
  • Legal contracts and regulatory documents

Find the skill within your network for repeat project wins

Finding the right skilled trades person for the job whether internally or externally will always be challenging. Keeping the right construction talent and retaining them is another hurdle to overcome.

Once a project is complete, you may want to keep that trade partner’s information down for the road. You never know when you may need it again.

Having the right internal and external team for any project is the goal but getting there can be a long road. When contractors and owners utilize a workforce management solution, you can onboard, centralize, and streamline worker information across any project with ease. Allowing for easy information access from any department.

When using a portfolio-level workforce management solution, each worker and trade partner a contractor or owner works with can come back for more work based on trade and need.

Contractors can centralize information and never skip a beat when it comes to finding talent for the job. This is a valuable tool because the job market fluctuates, and finding the right talent can be scarce when there is a specific job that needs to be completed.

Streamlining project success with a portfolio-level workforce & safety management solution

If a project is successful how can we repeat the same win with a more guaranteed approach? How can contractors and owners attain data-driven insights into their projects and find gaps in spending if there are no tools in place?

Using a workforce management & safety platform like Kwant is a solid solution for many contractors and owners to attain data-driven insights that support productivity and safety on a worker and project level.

Portfolio-level workforce management perks:

  • Gather, centralize, and manage worker certifications & documents
  • Create worker profiles and assign to projects
  • Manage resources and assets
  • Run safety audits
  • Get real-time insights and alerts

When using a portfolio-level workforce solution that centralizes all your projects, you gain a feed of all the important pieces of information you need for the day in a digestible format.

Having an easy way of viewing workforce and asset information helps conversations move faster and processes smoother for internal and external team discussions.

Typically, when contractors and owners implement a portfolio-level workforce management solution into their process, they generally see safer jobsites which tend to lead to more productive outcomes.

Trade partners that were successful on the past project can be brought on for the next with all the information, work history, and certifications necessary to meet the expectation of the next project.

If you would like to learn more about how to fully utilize a portfolio-level workforce management solution managing multiple projects, reach out and schedule a chat with a dedicated representative.

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