Why Use Kwant Access Control and Turnstiles for Construction Sites?

April 26, 2023
6 min
Why Use Kwant Access Control and Turnstiles for Construction Sites?

Construction sites can be very dangerous environments, with heavy equipment, machinery, and many hazards. Aside from the dangers of a construction site, restricting site access to only secured personnel is another hurdle many contractors face.

To learn more about the dangers of construction safety, read OSHA's most frequently cited standards.

Aside from keeping everyone safe, when using an access control system and turnstiles, you are able to reduce theft, vandalism, and other security incidents from happening by knowing who is entering and exiting the construction site. We want to protect the liability that comes with injuries and dangerous behavior on construction sites.

Below, we’ll go over some of the reasons why Kwant access control systems and turnstiles are a must for construction site safety and productivity. 

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Enhance Construction Site Security

Construction sites need to be secure during and after construction. Controlling access points throughout the construction site enhances total security.

You are able to monitor entry and exit points using turnstiles and sensor technology. Turnstiles are also known to deter many outside visitors from unlawfully entering a construction site. The Kwant access control system and turnstiles are easy-to-use and install across any environment.

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Improve Worker Safety

By providing a simple access control system and turnstiles, construction workers, in turn, feel safer while working on the jobsite. When utilizing access control and turnstiles, construction workers won’t have to worry about being distracted with pedestrians while they are working.

When using access control and turnstiles, you can integrate with the Kwant smart badges and verify who is allowed on-site and who is not with automated check-ins.

You can also enforce safety protocols and requirements, such as requiring construction workers to wear their PPE gear. According to the United States Department of Labor, in 2020, roughly 4,764 workers died on the job. We can greatly reduce this number if the proper safety regulations and precautions are upheld.

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Automate Worker Attendance

Enhance construction site productivity by automating worker attendance and removing bottlenecks with access control software and turnstiles.

Streamline the way you control entry and exit points throughout different construction sties. With an access control system like Kwant, contractors get their own check-in dashboard to make sure everyone entering the jobsite is verified and allowed on premise. Below is an example of the Kwant access control check-in page.

access control daily check-in page screenshot

reduce heavy fines

Reduce Heavy Fines & Lower Insurance

When utilizing access control and turnstiles, you are able to drastically reduce the chances of receiving heavy fines by keeping your construction sites compliant.

Having a safe jobsite lowers insurance costs and premiums. Management can also ensure safety regulations are upheld. For example, OSHA fines $5,000 for an untrained worker on a jobsite. These fines can be avoided with simple turnstiles.

get jobsite analytics

Gain Valuable Analytics

Access control and turnstiles from Kwant integrate with many providers through our open API. Understand peak workforce times of your jobsite and who is on-site. You can also build a database of who was on your construction site and tie it in with scheduling or timesheets.

After attaining valuable worker and safety insights, you can make data-driven decisions by analyzing what works on sites and what doesn't.

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Keep Jobsites Compliant

When utilizing access control and turnstiles, you are able to keep your construction site fully compliant. Easily maintain compliance standards and ensure safety regulations are upheld throughout any jobsite. 

Compliant jobsites help reduce heavy fines and allows management to know who is certified and who is not that is entering the site.

Securing Your Construction Sites

Kwant is built to accelerate construction through our safety and productivity solutions. Kwant's open API allows integration with any turnstile and access control solution.

Looking for a reliable access control system and turnstiles for your next construction project? Request a free demo and see first hand how to streamline site safety with Kwant.

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