Hollister Construction Saves 20% in Scheduling Activities

Hollister Construction Saves 20% in Scheduling Activities

Learn how Hollister Construction utilizes Kwant to save a minimum of 20% in scheduling activities throughout their project.
- Kwant
Product Team

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Hollister Construction Services is a leading organization in the commercial construction enterprise that is reputed for its innovation and excellence. Hollister successfully embedded the Digital Scheduling and Analytics tool from Kwant into its existing management approach.

By using the features of Kwant such as real-time collaboration, streamlining the workflows, Resource & Portfolio Management, and decision-making with predictive analytics, Hollister got the opportunity to improve transparency and gain efficiency in their construction projects. 

Kwant facilitated contractors' and teams´ communication, thus giving greater insight into the project timelines and resource planning.

Read the story of Hollister Construction Services and their improved project management with Kwant's digital scheduling and analytics platform. Download the whole case study to acquire a thorough insight into their success story and find out how to make your construction projects more effective and successful.

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