Kwant 2.0 Feature Highlight Series: Centralized Workforce and Company Management

May 14, 2024
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Kwant 2.0 Feature Highlight Series: Centralized Workforce and Company Management


Transform the way you manage your construction site with Kwant 2.0 – the latest new generation in workforce management technology With Kwant 2.0, you can effortlessly keep track of important documents like safety certifications, licenses, and training records, all in one convenient place due to our redesigned Workforce feature set. 

Kwant 2.0 takes safety to a whole new level with our state-of-the-art Smart Badges and advanced platform. These badges are equipped with special features like fall detection, proactive alerts for near-misses, and monitoring for signs of fatigue. Our Workforce tool is designed to help you easily manage all workers and companies on your job site, making your project safer and more efficient.

With our advanced features, you can easily keep track of your workforce, assign tasks, and ensure that everyone is working together seamlessly. 

Whether you're working on a large construction project, our Workforce tool is the perfect solution for managing your workers and companies on Kwant 2.0. Let’s explore our Workforce tool for managing all workers and companies on Kwant 2.0. 

The Importance of Effective Workforce Management

Effective workforce management is the backbone of any construction project. From assigning tasks to ensuring compliance and safety, the intricate nature of workforce management demands a comprehensive solution. 

It ensures the right workers with the right skills are assigned to each task, optimizing project timelines and budgets. Additionally, it minimizes safety risks through proper training and certification and enables high-quality work by assigning skilled workers. 

Furthermore, effective management practices like communication and skill development can lead to a more engaged workforce, reducing costly turnover and creating a positive environment that improves collaboration and problem-solving. 

Similarly, Real-time reporting allows for immediate course correction, saving time and costs from project delays.

Enhanced site safety and compliance are achieved through proper crew management, while real-time insights, alerts, and analytics on projects empower informed decision-making throughout the construction process. 

Overall, strategic workforce management empowers construction companies to navigate the complexities of project-based work, ensuring success on all fronts.

Efficiently Manage Your Construction Workforce with Kwant 2.0

Kwant 2.0 represents a significant leap forward in construction workforce management. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, Kwant 2.0 empowers project managers to oversee their workforce with unparalleled efficiency. 

Let's explore some of the key features that make Kwant 2.0 the ultimate solution for managing the construction workforce:

Manage Construction Workforce- Workers

Kwant 2.0 tackles construction workforce management by offering a central hub to manage a large crew. Through intuitive systems and smart solutions, Kwant ensures that every worker is accounted for, identified, and equipped with the necessary tools to perform their tasks safely and efficiently.

Kwant simplifies daily operations and onboarding for construction companies, making workforce management more efficient and effective.

Key Features:

Manage Large Workforces: Effortlessly manage large workforces with Kwant 2.0. Easily add over 20,000 workers, assign Smart Badges, and ensure safety compliance across multiple sites.

Additionally, Kwant 2.0 allows simplified onboarding by sending invites directly to workers, filtering worker details for targeted management, and downloading comprehensive reports for informed decision-making.

Jobsite Security with Contactless Access Control:- For enhanced security, integrate Smart Badges with existing turnstiles or leverage Kwant's industry-leading contactless access control powered by Kwant Sensors.

These sensor-based checkpoints eliminate the need for physical barriers, facilitating worker entry and exit while maintaining robust security measures.

Real-Time Location Tracking: With Kwant 2.0, supervisors can keep tabs on workers’ real-time, as well as where they were last seen.

It also allows managers to analyze how much time workers spend on productive tasks, enabling them to make improvements for greater efficiency on the job site.

Compliance Alerts: Kwant 2.0 ensures your workforce stays compliant with OSHA and local regulations.  It simplifies credential management by storing all worker certifications and licenses, including OSHA, SST, and various training programs, within a single, centralized database.

Workers receive automated alerts that notify them of upcoming expirations, eliminating the risk of non-compliance fines and keeping the job site safe.

Rapid Response Communications: Instantly send important information to your entire workforce via mass SMS alerts. Keep your workers informed of weather events, emergencies, and important site updates. The alert will be sent to all the selected workers on the site.

If workers are not selected, then an alert will be sent out to workers who are present on the site that day. Additionally, you can filter workers by trade, location, or any other filter to enable rapid response time during emergencies like evacuation and mustering.

Open API Integrations:Automate daily tasks like worker onboarding and log creation through Kwant's open API integrations with popular construction management platforms like ProCore and Hammertech.

Integrations with Procore, CMIC, Autodesk Construction Cloud, and Checkr facilitate data exchange, save time, and minimize errors by eliminating manual data entry.

Manage Construction Workforce- Companies

Streamline your company and subcontractor management with the enhanced Companies tab in Kwant 2.0. This feature allows users to manage company information and certifications seamlessly while maintaining direct links to individual worker profiles.

Our redesigned company management page is a simple yet powerful tool in the general contracting process. 

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Key Features

Subcontractor Oversight: With Kwant 2.0, gain real-time visibility into every subcontractor you hire. Easily identify their workforce size, allowing them to quickly understand the scope of their resources and plan projects accordingly.

It also provides on-site activity tracking by ensuring subcontractors are meeting deadlines and sticking to crucial safety protocols in real time. 

Moreover, it provides insights into whether subcontractors are understaffed or overstaffed, enhancing project management capabilities further.

Point of Contact Information: Kwant 2.0  simplifies contact management for each company. Easily access project manager and safety manager details for efficient communication and safety protocol discussions.

Plus, send targeted alerts to specific companies to keep everyone informed and aligned.

Insurance and Licensure Compliance: Manage Certificates of Insurance and licensure for all subcontractors in one place. Kwant 2.0 automatically tracks expiration dates and sends alerts for expiring and expired documents, ensuring you maintain compliance and avoid coverage gaps on your site, thereby mitigating the risk of massive fines or legal issues.

Seamless API Integration: Kwant 2.0 allows linking companies directly to ProCore, Autodesk Construction Cloud, CMIC, and Hammertech for streamlined project configuration and management.

This eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and ensures consistency across both platforms. Companies can easily track progress & schedules, fast background checks, automate timesheets & daily logs, and more.


In this blog, we've explored the upgraded features for managing workers and companies, establishing a solid foundation for Kwant 2.0's advanced reporting, which facilitates data-driven decisions on the job site.

Stay tuned for more insights in upcoming posts and experience the future of construction workforce management. Contact us to schedule a demo of Kwant 2.0 and discover how it can enhance your operational efficiency and compliance.

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