Big upgrades happening in Workforce management for Construction: Kwant 2.0

May 23, 2024
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Big upgrades happening in Workforce management for Construction: Kwant 2.0

In the construction industry, managing a workforce is no small feat. From the initial blueprint, meticulously drafted by architects and engineers, to the final structure, every worker plays a pivotal role. 

Bricklayers, electricians, superintendents, architects, and others work together to bring the plans to life, creating a masterpiece of both function and form with their expertise. 

Understanding these, we designed our first iteration of the workforce management feature to be simple yet functional, addressing the fundamental needs of our users. 

However, as our application and its user base continued to grow, the demand for a more versatile and customizable module became increasingly apparent. This evolution was driven by the need to cater to the diverse and expanding requirements of our users. They sought more sophisticated tools to effectively manage and optimize their workforce.

Understanding User Needs: From Feedback to Innovation

At Kwant, we understand that feedback is the key driver of improvement and evolution. By actively listening to our users, we gain invaluable insights into their experiences, challenges, and needs. 

Our users have continuously offered us strong feedback through our communication channels. They seek more advanced features to support their workforce management. They stated a need to oversee their direct employees and effectively manage subcontractors, a crucial aspect of modern construction projects. 

Additionally, users highlighted the importance of tracking multiple certificates and licenses. These include safety certifications and specialized qualifications, to ensure compliance and safety standards are met. 

Managing crew cost codes and monitoring certificates of insurance, including their expiry dates, emerged as key requirements for efficient project management. 

Furthermore, our users highlighted the significance of applying various filters for enhanced visibility. These filters allow for a comprehensive overview of workforce data. 

These observations became the sources of motivation for our further work on enhancing the existing solution. Our goal was to make it better adapted to meet the key challenges of workforce management in the construction industry.

The First Revamp: Learning and Adapting

We re-introduced the workforce management feature in 2023 and limited access to a selected number of users for pilot testing and feedback.

While this update was primarily about the enhancement of functionality, it was also crucial for testing some of the elements of the recently introduced design system.However, as we rolled out, we encountered a significant oversight: the diverse and fine ways users interact with our platform.

Our initial approach, which relied on a one-size-fits-all method to adding new workers, proved to have limitations when we encountered real-world obstacles. We faced difficulties when trying to onboard a large number of workers all at once during early morning shifts.

This realization was a turning point. It motivated us to gain a deeper understanding of and adapt to the different workflows found across various job sites. It encouraged us to modify our existing systems to be more dynamic and tailored to the operational demands of each group of users.

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Enhancing User Experience in Workforce Management

We have made significant improvements to our workforce management features based on valuable user feedback. These enhancements are specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the construction industry. 

Similarly, the Project Requirement Document for the Workforce -> Workers Page has been thoroughly revised to address the evolving needs of the construction industry.

Here is how we redesigned the user experience:

Streamlined Search and Advanced Filters

We introduced a powerful global search function that allows users to find specific workforce information quickly with minimal input. Advanced filters are now accessible through a convenient side drawer, enabling precise management by applying multiple criteria customized to each project’s unique requirements.

Customized Flows and Column Settings 

This feature empowers users with the flexibility to choose and organize visible columns within the table view according to the distinct requirements of each project. 

By allowing customization, users can ensure that the information most relevant to their specific project management needs is easily accessible and prominently displayed.

Enhanced Onboarding and Alert systems

Our advanced system makes it easier to send onboarding invitations and alerts to the workers. It also shows the onboarding process like pending, rejected, approved, sent, expired, awaiting request, and so on. 

It helps to disseminate and communicate the information to all the workers in an efficient way. Through automation and optimization of these channels, we decrease delays and guarantee that new employees can be productively included in the workforce.

Document Column

Kwant’s new column feature is an innovative way to organize documents. They are divided into four distinct states: Expired, Expiring Soon, All Uploaded, and Empty. Users can click on each state to access more detailed information. This new feature ensures that critical compliance information is visible, making it easy to take quick action and plan strategically.

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Safety Alerts Column

Kwant aims to bring attention to active safety alerts by providing a user-friendly interface. It allows easy access to the latest and unresolved alerts for each employee.   

Our goal is to underscore the importance of safety and compliance within the workplace. We assure any risks are quickly identified and addressed by making these alerts easily accessible.

Selection State

Within Kwant, this feature improves the user experience by allowing for the smooth selection of workers via a checkbox. Once selected, an overflow menu activates, offering streamlined options for performing bulk actions. 

Users can efficiently send alerts, update worker details in bulk, and manage compliance tasks effortlessly. This innovative functionality enhances operational efficiency on a large scale.

Forward Together: Driving Efficiency and Compliance

Our commitment to enhancing the workforce management feature reflects our deep-seated dedication to innovation and responsiveness. It shows our mindset of fully engaging and learning from customers’ feedback, to constantly innovate and go beyond.

Through continuous interaction with users, we have further developed our product. It not only meets but also exceeds the challenges that are involved in managing a construction workforce in a modern setting.

As we navigate this path of continuous improvement, our unwavering focus remains on equipping our users with tools that empower effective project management. Our solution guarantees oversight, compliance, and readiness for all workforce members including subcontractors and direct employees.

Furthermore, this approach guarantees each individual is fully accounted for and prepared to contribute meaningfully to project success and efficiency.


Overall, our journey in refining workforce management for the construction industry has been guided by user feedback and a commitment to innovation. 

We've enhanced features such as streamlined search, customizable columns, and safety alerts to tailor our solution to project management's dynamic needs.With decisions based on efficiency and compliance, we encourage users to handle the challenges of the current construction industry effectively.

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