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Introducing Workforce Operating System (wOS) : Workforce Risk ! Reimagined !

June 4, 2024
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Introducing Workforce Operating System (wOS) : Workforce Risk ! Reimagined !

Kwant is ecstatic to announce the launch of the Workforce Operating System (wOS), the world’s first end-to-end workforce management system tailored for the construction industry. This cutting-edge platform is set to redefine construction project management, delivering unprecedented safety, and productivity enhancements. wOS is part of a larger update that our team has been working on for several months in partnership with our customers, partners, and industry leaders. Kwant 2.0, the new version of our existing application, comes with numerous updates and improvements in data collection, user interface, and analytics.

These advancements include enhanced data collection for precise tracking of workforce activities, a more intuitive and customizable user interface, and advanced analytics with predictive capabilities and comprehensive reporting. By streamlining operations, improving worker safety, and boosting productivity, Kwant 2.0 and wOS address the growing pains of rapidly expanding markets such as industrial and infrastructure construction, data center construction, and affordable housing. We are excited and proud to invite builders, developers, workers, and insurers to join us in our mission to modernize the construction industry and support millions of construction workers worldwide.

How does the Kwant Workforce Operating system work?

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Kwant has had the privilege of working on some of the largest construction projects worldwide. It involves approximately 100,000 workers and top-tier owners and builders, with investments totaling billions of dollars. 

Through this journey, Kwant has obtained invaluable insights, recognizing the role of workers in achieving successful outcomes. Many factors contribute to turning a design into a structure. It includes such as subcontractors, materials, budget, project management, and supply chain logistics. However, workers remain the most expensive and risk-prone aspect of the construction process.

Furthermore, Kwant has addressed the safety challenges using advanced technologies:

  • Facial Recognition: Kwant’s facial recognition enables badgeless access control and enhances safety management without the need for traditional identification badges. Makes attendance automation and verification easier. 
  • 2B Kwant: Improves device performance by making batteries last longer and reducing the risk of losing data. 
  • Solar Gateways: The implementation of solar gateways represents a sustainable approach to minimize data loss within construction environments.
  • Turnstile System Standardization:  Collaborates with leading Access Control and Turnstile companies to establish common protocols and specifications, simplifying integration and enhancing scalability.
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Actionable Inteliigence


Kwant AI collects a massive amount of data from construction sites using wearables and smart badges. The extensive data collection allows them to derive valuable insights across various domains. The platform analyzes various factors such as time, location, trade, certifications, and safety data. 

Kwant analyzes this rich data set and identifies the potential to offer valuable, actionable insights to improve construction projects. They then discuss with customers to understand what kind of insights would be most beneficial. 

Here are several key points of Data-Driven Insights with Kwant's Workforce Operating System

Tailored Insights for Every Role

Kwant recognizes that different people involved in construction projects need different information. Executives overseeing a large portfolio of projects need a high-level overview.

Project managers, on the other hand, need detailed data about specific workers assigned to their projects. Administrators are responsible for workforce logistics. Finally, construction workers themselves benefit from receiving timely alerts and updates relevant to their tasks. Kwant offers different user interfaces with information specific to each role

Simplicity and Clarity

Kwant understands that information overload can be ineffective. Highlighting only the most critical insights ensures that users are not overwhelmed with information. Kwant providing a quick health overview of projects enables users to identify and address issues swiftly. 

Comprehensive Visualization

Kwant offers powerful visualization tools that allow users to track trends and identify patterns. Users can group data by various parameters such as cost, workers, subcontractors, location, time, worker movements, safety alerts, and worker certifications. 

Portfolio level insights:

Kwant, a construction Workforce Management & Safety Platform, can help you identify potential problems across your entire portfolio of projects. Kwant give you early warnings about issues like worker shortages or safety hazards. This allows you to take proactive steps to address problems before they escalate. Kwant gives the benchmark important performance indicators to effectively determine high-risk projects and compare underlying reasons for such risks. It will help you ensure that your portfolio has the most fitting and capable workforce for each project.

Portfolio level Insights

Actionable Intelligence:

Kwant has created a range of features to empower customers to proactively improve safety, compliance, and productivity. These features are designed to enable timely and efficient actions that support the overall well-being of the workforce and the success of the construction industry.

Risk Score system: 

Kwant's system analyzes risk in construction projects by offering a simplified solution, similar to how FICO scores and EMR scores. It gathers information from various sources in real-time, like cameras, telematics, water leaks, schedules, cost BIM, and injury rates. 

Root Cause Analysis:

Kwant has an updated design interface that lets users drill down into root causes, and gain deeper insights into project performance. Users can take decisive actions such as sending alerts to relevant stakeholders, resolving issues efficiently, and preparing detailed reports. The benefits of this feature include:

  • Saving hours of manual reporting
  • Increasing safety measures
  • Reducing delays and boosting productivity
  • Enhancing data-driven risk management
  • Reducing fines and improving compliance
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Forecasting risk:

Kwant's system allows for proactive decision-making to mitigate various risks by analyzing past project trends. This includes assessing the risk of worker injuries, project delays, and non-compliance penalties. Kwant plans to use a predictive analytic model to analyze project, company, and worker data.

Forecasting risk using Workforce OS - Rootcause and predictive insights


Daily reports are crucial in the construction industry for tracking progress, managing resources, and ensuring quality and safety in any project. These reports provide essential insights that help project managers make informed decisions, maintain control over operations, and address any issues promptly. 

However, the process of generating these reports can be time-consuming and prone to errors, especially when done manually. Kwant has revolutionized this aspect of project management through the use of Large Language Models (LLM). By automating the generation of daily reports, Kwant not only streamlines the workflow but also enhances the accuracy and efficiency of reporting. 

Here are some key features and benefits of this automation:

  • Automated Report Generation: Uses LLM models to generate comprehensive, up-to-date reports automatically.
  • Editable and Downloadable Reports: Reports are customizable and available in Doc format.
  • Time Savings for Project Managers: Frees up time for strategic tasks by automating routine reporting.

Bob - the AI assistant

Kwant includes an AI chatbot feature that will be launched in late May. This chatbot is capable of answering a variety of custom queries, ensuring that critical information is always accessible. 

Additionally, it delves deep into your risk insights and connects to all results available in the Kwant product. It then creates automated reports, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for efficient project management.

Here are examples of how "Bob - the AI assistant" can help : 

  • Worker Locations During Incidents: In an incident, project managers can ask the chatbot for worker locations to improve response times and safety measures.
  • Worker Retentions: The chatbot can provide information about new workers who have joined the project. It helps managers keep track of personnel changes and integration processes.
  • Fatigue Alerts: The system can identify overworked employees, enabling managers to tackle potential burnout and ensure a fair distribution of workloads.
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Ai Assistant for Reporting

Join the Exclusive Group of Customers and Partners

We are thrilled to announce the deployment of Kwant 2.0 and wOS, validated by over 20 customers. This marks a significant leap forward for the industry, and the positive reviews and feedback we have received so far are a testament to our progress. These features are specifically designed to address the growing pains of rapidly expanding markets such as industrial and infrastructure construction, data center construction, and the affordable housing market, both nationally and internationally.

In addition, the Workforce Operating System (wOS) is extending its market reach through strategic partnerships with insurance carriers and brokers. wOS aids in data-driven underwriting, loss control, and the prevention of fraudulent claims in workers’ compensation, builders’ risk, and general liability.

We are excited and proud to invite builders, developers, workers, and insurers to join us in our mission to modernize the construction industry and support millions of construction workers worldwide.

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