Webinar: Driving project management leadership, safety, and women in construction

“Driving Project Management Leadership, Safety, and Women in Construction” is a highly interactive webinar conducted by Kwant AI. This session has the main objective of boosting project management leadership, ensuring better safety measures on construction sites, and motivating women in construction. 

The panelists in this webinar bring a diverse range of expertise and experiences to the discussion. Laura Biggerstaff, owner of IRON ELK, is a leader in safety apparel and cofounder of Women Confidence Builders. 

Carolyn Caranante, a licensed architect in New York, serves as a senior project manager at AECOM Tishman. She has experience in managing various phases of construction on iconic superstructures. 

Megan Salazar, VDC manager at EnTech and current BIM manager on SECOM Tishman’s design-build team, is an engineer, builder, technologist, and management professional with seven years of experience in the AEC industry.

Alongside that, the webinar focuses on the gender diversity problem in the construction, highlighting the experience and the contributions of the women. 

Through real-life scenarios and sharing of experiences, our panelists reach the issues faced by women working in the industry and the directional changes that should be implemented to increase the levels of inclusivity, mentorship, and power.

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